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Mirella M607 tights problems

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For what it's worth, I have M. Stevens in cotton and in spandex. The cotton ones are thicker, good for the cold months, and as far as I can tell equally well made.


And yes, I did like the Mirellas - while they lasted.

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Has anyone had experience of the "new" (hopefully stitched together properly) mirellas?

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I just went through two pair, the first was returned, the second had small tears along the seams even before I put them on. It looks like a manufacturing problem.



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They seem a bit restricted what you can get in UK, I just moved to Wear Moi, seem to be good, so far , wish there was more choice here seem some on auroradancewear.com, based in UK might try some for show we have coming up

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On 7/22/2011 at 6:51 PM, MJ said:

Anyone tried the "new" mirellas?

I have a pair of Mirellas shorts purchased within the last year (2017).  EXCELLENT in a word.  The fit, the fabric and the sizing is great.  They are so soft and comfortable I actually check to see if they are still there!  Legs don't ride up, waste does not fall down.  Somehow, this fabric has a cooling effect like there's a fan blowing on you.  No problems with the seams.  Nice color.

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