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New York City year round housing options

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Are there certain residences most popular with high school age dance students who attend year round programs in New York? I know there is a thread devoted to summer possibilities, but there may be different discussions for year round living. I would be interested in any feedback, besides the lists of living options that the schools provide. As the new school year approaches, they may be able to provide more detailed information and current student families to contact, but, in the meantime... Anyone with experience with this?

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You could try searching on the threads of schools that are in NYC, such as Ellisons. I think there was a discussion there last year. Maybe the JKO thread and the newer one on Gelsey Kirkland (sorry - I think that's in NY.) ABTII - if there's a thread - might have some information as well. Plus wasn't there a discussion about Joffrey having a year round program in New York?

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Educational Housing Services is for college age students. We too are in need of housing for a high school age student. Does anyone have any information?

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Please, can anyone offer information on school-year housing options in NYC for underage students? Is there a resource which lists Manhattan residents willing to offer a home-stay to underage students? Dd has received a full tuition scholarship offer from a school with no housing of their own, which we would like to seriously consider. The school itself cannot offer assistance on a place to live. I have searched BT4D and found no concrete information, but perhaps I haven't looked in the right place.

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rosetwirl - Have you checked the 92nd Street Y, at 92nd Street & Lexington Avenue? I believe they have a residential facility, though it may be restricted to college-age students.

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Would it be possible for the school to ask current students if they would be willing to take in a homestay?

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Thank you very much, NYCMOM. I can't find any information on the 92stY website about what ages are allowed. I have trouble imagining a 15-year-old girl living there by herself though.


Thank you, Blanche. Yes, they are doing that, but it's a small school.


Are there any folks out there living in NYC who have a serious dd and would like the extra income of a boarding ballet pupil? If so, please pm me. Thanks!

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As far as resources, it's doubtful you'd find a listing of people willing to take on underage roommates when there are so many adult subletters out there. But you may want to check out the "Gypsy Housing" Facebook page. It's comprised of (mostly) performers who need to leave NYC for their tours and out-of-town contracts and thus need to find subletters for their places. Those people often need to post close to the time when they're leaving and fill their spots quickly. But the people you'd need to track down are the non-posting, struggling performers who rented their apartments when times were good, but would be happy to share their space if they found the right person. So you should post as the Dance Mom and spell out the qualities your daughter offers, including the fact that Mom and Dad are providing a stable source of rent money. Ask readers to please forward your post to their friends who might be considering accepting a roommate if they found the right person. If your DD is "Faebook friends" with any of her dance teachers, I believe it would be safe to ask them to similarly forward a post from her onto the New Yorkers they know.


This is basically the way my daughter found her latest NYC apartment. (But she's 27.) She put out a hail on her Facebook page and a former dance employer passed along a name of a friend whom she (the employer) knew would be open to getting a drama-free, non-smoker, non-drinker, drug-free, cat-loving, roomate - if the person was right. Otherwise, the friend was at a point in her life (late 30's) where having a roommate was too much of a hassle.


Without having other NYC connections, yourself, besides the school, you're going to have to make use of the available social networks to hunt down the right person.

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Thanks so much, Pierrette, for taking the time to spell out this idea to me. We'll definitely explore it!

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Not sure how helpful this will be, but on the ABT summer intensive website there is a recommended housing list: http://www.abt.org/pdfs/2013HousingList.pdf

(Mods, I hope it's okay to post that link).

Much of it is geared towards the summer intensive and/or requires chaperones for under 18s, but there are possibly some on the list that could be helpful for younger students year-round.

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I would think twice, before I advertised on an open source web page that I was looking for someone to share an apartment with my teen age daughter. Using this route at 27 is quite different.


I do not know exactly how the Homestay Program works or how they screen people; however, it might be worth looking into.

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No worries, Coco. We will not consider a roommate situation. It would have to be a family, and they would be thoroughly vetted. We do need to get the word out, though, and social media may be the way to do that.


Thanks, lovedance!

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