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I'm sorry if this is a double post, but I couldn't find a thread on Ruth Page. Does anyone have experience with the program? I was looking through their schedule and I saw that they do not have very many classes for upper levels, but it is considered to be one of the major options for good pre-professional training in the Chicago area. I am thinking about transferring there next year and I am currently dancing and another pre-professional school. However, I was interested in learning about other people's experiences the program. Specifically: how do the upper level students get good training with only three technique classes a week?

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, dancerelaina. :)


I thought we had a thread on this school, but I could not find it either. So, we will leave this here for now.


I checked out the website for the school, and I think you have to go into the Young Dancers section and the Parents and Students Handbook to find the levels and schedule. The upper level seems to have 5 days a week technique, and two pointe classes. It does not show the times of the classes.

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There were certainly daily technique classes and pointe at least 3-4 days per week when my DD was there (2 years ago). We were there for 4 years and its reputation was quite solid. Although the school suffered a serious loss with the passing of Larry Long, I believe Miss Patti still does extremely well with the beginner/intermediate group. In truth, however, the opening of Joffrey's Academy I'm sure has made it difficult to retain the older/advanced pre-professional students. At least three left this year according to my dd who started at the Academy this fall.

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Thank you very much for the information. Chicaballet, do you have any information about their affiliation with the Chicago Civic Ballet?

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Civic Ballet is the school's pre-professional company. They do an annual Nutcracker and usually a spring showcase. I'm sure you can call the school for current info.

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You can also easily check out the school by taking class. The first time you go they will suggest a level and the teacher will evaluate you during the class to see if you fit there or would be better off in a different class. My d has taken the occasional class there since about age 12 and has always felt very welcome; now she often takes the morning advanced class during school breaks. She really likes Randy and Birute's teaching.

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Thank you to everyone who answered. I went to observe an upper level class, and I have to say there were not many older dancers there. The teacher seemed very good though.

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No one has commented on this in a few years. I am interested to know any current information or experiences anyone may have? 

I expect there have been changed over the years.

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