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Ballet class and warm up


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I am currently studying a dance degree at DMU and I am researching the importance of Warm up in dance. If you could tell me what you do before class to warm up. thanks.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, dancerkate.


While the ballet class itself is designed to thoroughly warm up all of the muscles, and modern and jazz classes also have their own system of warm up, most dancers have some particular things they like to do before class. But these things are not set and vary enormously. I don't really think that they have anything to do with your subject, at least in terms of the importance aspect of warm up. However, since we do not allow members to ask for help with their school work here, I am going to suggest that you turn to the ballet books, books on stretching, and maybe videos, to study the various exercises and their purpose in the warm up portion of the classes. In ballet, each barre exercise trains the body for the things it will need to do in the center, but all of the exercises also warm up the body for the center work.


I'm very sorry, but, since we do not allow research to be done here, I'm going to have to close this topic.

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