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SI's at 13 ?


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I know it is too late to apply and audition for an SI this year, but should I consider it for next year? I am recently 13, so are SI's critical for my ballet training?

I could not go this year anyway, because my parents paid for me to go to sleepaway camp in Maine. I will be doing dance there every day because it is offered as an activity, but it won't be that good in quality, will it?

Should I try to convince my parents to let me audition for SI's? They like me to go to regular camp because they are not convinced I can be a professional dancer. I wanted to audition for SAB's SI this year, but never asked because I don't think I'm good enough. I guess I'm just scared I won't get in anywhere and my parents will think I'm a failure. :unsure:


Sorry for rambling on a bit.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, BlushingTutu. :unsure:


Yes, SI's do become important at your age. You really need to audition next year, and I would suggest that you do as many different auditions as you can. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. There are a lot of terrific programs, and you will benefit greatly from any one of them.

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Thank you, Ms. Leigh. I will certainly try to apply for as many SI's as I can. Do many auditioners come to Florida, or would I have to fly out?

I will try to convince my parents to let me audition. Maybe showing them this post will help. :unsure:

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Many program auditioners go to Florida, BlushingTutu. :unsure:

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Sorry Kristine, but this is a YD forum. No one but our 13-16 year old students and the Teacher Moderators can post here.

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Judging from your input on another thread, there are quite a few auditions for SIs in your area. Almost all the larger schools in the country come to any of the tri county area schools. As the SI audition season approaches check the websites of the schools you are interested in as well as Dance and Pointe Magazines. BT4D also posts quite a few links regarding auditions. You will not need to fly anywhere to audition.


You might also consider speaking with your ADs for input on what SIs might be a good fit for you in the future. :thumbsup:

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