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Preventing Overworking


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I have been trying to add more classes to my weekly class schedule, but with an SI coming up this summer and performances as well I don't want to get injured in a mad dash for more classes. Also, my normal class level is the advanced syllabus class.


My class schedule is:



1h 15min. Open Adult Class

1h 30min. Advanced Syllabus Class

45min. Variations



1h 30min. Lower Level Syllabus Class

1h 30min. Advanced Syllabus Class

1h 30min Rehearsal



1h 30min. Lower Level Syllabus Class

1h 30min. Advanced Syllabus Class

1h Variations



1h 30min. Lower Level Class

1h 30min. Advanced Syllabus Class

1h Pas



1h 30min. Open Adult Class

30min. Variations



1h 30min. Open Adult Class

1h 30min. Lower Level Syllabus Class

1h 30min. Advanced Syllabus Class

1h 30min. Rehearsal



1h Rehearsal



Hope this makes sense,


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I see what you're doing, and it makes sense. You may find it advisable to scrap the earlier, easier class (which I presume is a warmup for the "featured" class) and just take your syllabus class. Even though Sunday is only an hour rehearsal, it's best if you don't make this a constant thing. You need an entire day completely off from dancing. You can do seven-day weeks for short periods, usually coming into performance time, but it's not really a good idea as a steady thing, month in and month out.

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Thanks Mr. Mel,



I am not in love with Sunday rehearsals either, but fortunately they will be over in about a month. One question I have though is, with the reduction of my classes to only the "featured" classes and variations/pas would I still be receiving an adequate amount of training hours in the studio?

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Yes, especially in the runup time to performance. The tactic is to reduce the amount of time spent under hazard of injury so that the overall classtime is not compromised AFTER the performance. Then there's the activity you do other than dance that you have in your life, which I believe should be taking up rather a lot of your available time....

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OK, thanks. That answers my question. I always get worried about too little studio time, but with all the important dates coming up the last thing I want to do is end up injured and and unable to do anything.

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