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April Awesomeness


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Today someone told me I look like a dancer. That made my day; all the hard work is paying off - just not necessarily in the studio, LOL. :3dnod:

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Yay, Tarthulhu...that is a wonderful compliment :3dnod:


My April Awesomeness so far is somewhat along the same vein. I went with a friend to a drop-in yin yoga class and was at first somewhat intimidated by all a whole class full of fit "yoga veteran"-looking people...until we got started and I quickly realized that my flexibility was pretty far beyond most everyone in the class (I've been measuring what I perceived as my LACK of flexibility against the ballet norm and forget how extreme that is even for the general population of fit and active people). The instructor asked me if I was a dancer and I was able to say "yes, I am" and that made me smile so happily inside (my face was on the mat in front of me). :)

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My teacher made an exercise for just me with double en dedans back attitude tours- and I did a triple on my bad side!

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I got to take two ballet classes for the first time in three years! Sadly, it was while visiting my sister in London, so I can't continue, but I was pleased with how I did after such a long absence. Now if only I could find a way to continue here...

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I got the only pas de deux in the end of year show of the musical theatre program I'm in. It's fairly modern, a combination of ballet, jazz and ballroom, to be danced in evening gown and high heels! It's to be choreographed just for me and my partner. I'm only a first year in a 4 year program so I'm really proud of myself. I'm often a bit bored in the dance classes because I have a good classical technique and the rest of the class doesn't. The teacher knows this and considered this a good challenge for me.

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I am on pointe!!!!! I never though that this would happen in my 30's!!! I did really well, everyone said so! I LOVE it! The shoes worked great and I don't really have any pain in the feet or toes at all! It was a great class; challenging and fun!

There are only four to five women in the pointe class so we get lots of attention which is great.

I felt beautiful, tall and like a "real" ballerina!!!!!!!!!!! I am over the moon!!!! :)

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Wow Marjolein thats great!


BlleFille I had to smile at your post especially the "tall" part. I am pleased that you had such a positive pointe work experience!

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Thank you!


Btw, there are no dance solos in the show, so this is basically the biggest dance part. The show is a comical musical about a wedding where the groom is missing. The song is Listen from Dreamgirls and starts of as a basic slow dance for all the wedding guests but will evolve into a modern pas de deux (with lifts!!).

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Congrats to everyone here, it sounds like everyone's got something to be giddy over! :P


You guys, I am going to be a swan! One of my teachers saw me after class last night and said she wanted to talk to me, and asked me if I wanted to be in the end of year recital! And here I thought I was really going to have to assert myself to be in any performances, since I'm an adult. (I also thought practice had been going on already, but apparently not). It's The Ugly Duckling, not Swan Lake - but aside from being a snowflake, being in a corps of swans is like one of my greatest fantasies, I don't care which ballet it is. Those beautiful port de bras.... I am swooning! :blink:

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Jes Suis Aimee - wow! All those little girl ballet dreams just floated across in front of me, a swan, wow!!!!!

Your new studio seems to be just amazing for you, I am soooo pleased for you!


Marjolein - your pas de deux is sounding more impressive all the time, congratulations.


I seem to be making some slow but steady progress (at last) still a long way to go before my exam in September but at least now that my worst time of the year is over at work, I will have some time to seriously focus on my ballet in between focusing on my studies :pinch:

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Wow. Some of you seem to have really a great time.


I just had a little success: I pulled a lovely triple pirouette yesterday in class and it felt like flying! Made my day.

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Thanks Balletlove! I hope you can get to focusing on ballet soon... I too am looking for more time to be able to practice at home. There are a few moves that are only going to come with daily practice...


Claude - nice! I can only hope I can do triples one day. As it is, I get all shy and nervous and can't work up the guts to do doubles in class. I am going to start forcing myself to do them!

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Claude - congrats on that triple!!! :D


I got my first "thats really beautiful" for an exercise completed at the barre yesterday in a very long time. It just proves that the stretching does pay off (eventually) and so motivated me to do more practising tonight!

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Sometimes compliments just make us feel good, sometimes they show us that we are on the right way!


I do not know if this should go here or in the other thread: Today we had another teacher in the modern evening class (the other one is performing) and he was doing his own things with us, including some contractions and releases from Graham. He told me that I would do them very good (ha, me with my blocked vertebraes, being nearly unable to move that spine!). I was glad to hear that because the teacher from the afternoon class (Graham technique!!) ignores me and I never learnt from her how to do a contraction properly (I just copied the other students). When I asked I got "do you think you are doing it right?". So I am glad now to know that they are correct.

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