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Sore ankle


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Hello everyone!


I'm new to this forum and to ballet. In fact, I've only had two classes so far and I already seem to have hurt myself somehow. (!) I'm not sure whether it's anything serious but I have a dull ache (which sometimes is a sharp pain when walking / moving my foot) just under the bone on my inner ankle. It's only on my right foot though... There is no swelling or temperature other than the pain.


I'm guessing the best thing to do is probably keep ice on it? Anyone else had something similar?

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Yes, the designated first aid for a painful joint is R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) If that doesn't provide at least some relief and positive results over 72 hours, then add D. (Doctor) You'll get used to this advice. It's the standard, so you'll get it no matter who you talk to. So, no class until there's at least some improvement, apply cold for about 15 minutes per hour as needed, provide support for the affected area in the form of a supportive bandage or ankle support, and keep the leg propped up to encourage more efficient blood circulation through the affected spot.


And a joyous welcome to ballet, and to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :)

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Thanks! Hopefully that will sort things out - it's already feeling much better :)

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