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What to expect from ballet school


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I am wondering what parent's expectations should be for a good ballet school. I know that, for the most part, my DD is probably receiving the best training available in our area but I do have some reservations. So far we have recieved a very short written evaluation and will have a conference in June. I have seen no evidence that any of the students in the school are getting any guidance regarding future plans. Does a good ballet school do this as part of the intake process for an older student? (My DD was 15 when we switched to her current school.) We have been given no idea what will happen at the conference other than it will be 15 minutes long. This seems short to me, am I expecting too much?


FYI this is a company affiliated pre-pro school.


Thank you in advance for any insights. We came from a very small dance school to this school and are struggling a bit with the culture change. It does seem to have a very "hands off" approach.

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I have a similar situation. DD has been at her current small pre-pro over a year now, and I am wondering how to get some feedback. When she first started there, the male teacher would say things to her (and sometimes to me) about her progress, but that lasted only until the summer. Since she returned from her summer intensive, she hasn't heard anything from him (other than corrections and the occasional compliment). She has never gotten any kind of feedback from the female teacher. I don't know if I should request a conference or what. This studio also seems to have a hands-off approach.


I don't know if the fact that only one other girl went away last summer is related. The studio prefers that the girls stay there over the summer. DD was already signed up to go away last summer before she changed to this studio, and I was not about to forfeit the hefty deposit, plus DD was really excited about the SI.


I am very interested in hearing the response to 10000Lakes' post.

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I can offer up our pre-pro for comparison's sake. DD (13) gets two class observations per year, two short written evaluations, and one teacher conference in Jan or February. I think ours is about 15 minute long, but it seems long enough. Really, dd already knows what her most often heard corrections are. It is helpful to us to hear what the teacher has to say, but dd always knows what her strengths and weaknesses are for that year. We, as parents, are looking to hear some projection about the future, but I have yet to hear that in a conference. I think that when they are older, that should be part of the conversation for sure.


In terms of advice regarding future plans, we have been told by other parents that if your child is invited back at the end of each year, it means the school believes you have a good possibility for the future.

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