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Vaganova vs. RAD and Cecchetti?


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I usually train RAD or Cecchetti, but I am attending an audition that is at a school that teaches Vagonova, so I was wondering what are some basic elements or differences there are. What should I make small adjustments to in terms of arms, preparations, or if there are basic differences in terminolgoy. I know there are so many things to talk about between styles, but I would just like to know enough of the basics to get me through class. Any ideas? :D

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Remember, this is an audition, so that the school conducting it is most likely expecting people who are not particularly trained in the Vaganova Method. The differences you will encounter will primarily be in nomenclature. Just watch the auditioner demonstrate, and pick up what's wanted from there. When Vaganova set up her standards and practices, she incorporated material that had been introduced into Russian ballet by Cecchetti - remember, he both taught at the Imperial School and in his own studio in St. Petersburg - so some things will be familiar. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, RAD has incorporated elements of Vaganova into its curriculum, so some more will be familiar from that direction. Just remember, when it comes to arms, "5th en haut" is Vaganova "3rd". That's the most frequent difference you'll find, initially.

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