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Movies: Dr. Coppelius?

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I watched a portion of a movie on TCM last night; "The Mysterious House of Dr. C", which was basically a comedy version of "Coppelia" (in my opinion it was a comedy). When I did some research on this film on the internet, all I could find was "Dr. Coppelius" on IMDB. I thought it was a comedy because of the narration and the sound effects, i.e., when the man lifted the woman and she did a grande jete, there was a "oh" noise, sort of like a tennis player makes now - or similar to the noise the WII makes when you step on the balance board. The sound effects were amusing, and the narration was amusing. The dancing was average (again, just my opinion), but I'd like to see the full version.


So...my question is; is "Dr. Coppelius" the same movie as "The Mysterious House of Dr. C"? It looks to be the same according to the information on IMDB.


Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

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If Coppelius is Walter Slezak, it is. I know that TCM aired "Mysterious House...." last night, so it probably was.

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Thank you Major Mel, yes - Coppelius is Walter Slezak. Any interesting trivia that you know of regarding this movie. Have you seen it? If so, what is your take on the noises the dancers are supposedly making? :)

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