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Young boys, tights and dance belt?


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Hi! I am a grandmother of a boy dancer, but he does live with me. Liam is 7 years old and asked to take ballet and jazz with his siter (8) this year. In the ballet recital dance, he will have something of a "lead" part. The studio director and his teacher want him to wear a tunic and white tights. Thet told me to get him a dance belt. He is very small for his age (a size -6 fits his waist unless it runs large). I have not been able to locate a dance belt his size. Is it really needed? Is there such a thing in his size? He is okay without pants on (he is 7, he is okay being bare, but grammy is not!). I am making his tunic so it will definitely be long enough to hide "boy parts". Sorry to sound clueless, but I had daughters so have never dealt with this! Thanks for advice.

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Yes, there are boys dance belts in those sizes from a company called Wear Moi. I get them for my ds at www.boysdancetoo.com. I've found that it is pretty hard to find them at the local dance stores but there are some other dance sites online that may have them too. M. Stevens and Capezio also sell dance belts in an extra small size that might also work. I think that most boys that age wear dance briefs with a full seat which you should be able to get at allaboutdance.com or discountdance.com.

I hope that helps!

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And under white tights, he will need nude-colored dance briefs if his skin color is lighter, tan if his skin is darker. White dance briefs or dance belt will show through the tights.

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Tutu.com selles JBB dance trunks - you might check those out. They are much less expensive than actual dance belts (the site says they are $6.00) and they are more likely to find the right fit the first time. (Dance belts can differe greatly in sizing.) They should also be more than appropriate for a boy of 7. They are good about returning calls - you can call them and talk about sizing. Keep in mind that dance belts typcially can't be returned, so some research in advance will be helpful.

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Hi Kathryn,


As they are white tights they can be somewhat see through and so I would definitely go with some form of brief.


Many dancewear companies manufacture full seat briefs for younger boys, I know Sansha do a full seat support, and Grishko have boys ballet briefs (not sure if you can get these in nude or white though).


I don't know if you are UK or US based but have a look at a couple of these UK stores they are Sansha / Grishko suppliers and so should be able to get hold of them for you.






Also as it is quite hard to get hold of these garments have you thought of just having him wear a white leotard under his tunic? I'm sure if you get hold of a good quality leotard you should be OK.


Hope this helps!


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Thank you for posting the information, Jon! That was helpful.


Just a few things about our site- we don't allow adverts and we have certain "rules" for posters in order that we may remain authentic and organized. "Health & Nutrition", "Young Dancers", "The Men's Forum", "Pointe Shoe Topics" and all of the "Parents of______" forums have their own sets of rules about who can post and who can't. For example, I may not post in the Men's forum since I am not a male dancer. In "Parents of Boys" we do require that posters be the parent of a male dancer as well.


What we do allow is that if a poster has information germane to a conversation, but does not fit the parameters of posting there, he or she may use the "Contact Us" button to offer the information to a moderator, and then we can post it for you.


Thanks in advance for your patience regarding this matter! We strive to be a website where accurate information is relayed, and organization is key!!

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We got the full-seat capezio dance brief for children a allaboutdance.com. It's currently there for just under $20, in nude and black. They offer a medium and large, and the medium fit my skinny son just fine. I think we started with the dance belt at about age 9 or 10.

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We got the full seat Capezio for DS (7). At this age there is no need for a dance belt for the purpose of supporting anything; but in his case, everyone else in the boys class was told to get them. DS is the youngest and a long way from needing one; but wanted to be like the other boys and I was hardly going to make him stand out (in his eyes) in the one class where he actually blends! Your grandson would need something under white tights and a dance belt is something he will need to wear eventually so there's no harm in having him wear one now.


One note: The smallest size Capezio was too small for my on the large side 7 year old so probably would be a good fit for your grandson if he's about average height/weight.

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Thank you all so much. Clara, I had not thought about needing something between the belt and the tights. Thank you. discountdance only has a child medium which is way too big. I will try the other sources. This will be a learning process! I so appreciate all the great advice and ideas!

I checked out allaboutdance, and boysdancetoo but the smallest size they have is 8-10 (I saw the capezio 8-10 at our local store and it is huge compared to my little guy). Liam wears a 4-6. Jon, your idea about a leotard may be my option, but I will check Sansha and call tutu.com

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Nylon underwear was our first option, too. They didn't have dance belts for younger boys back when my DS was first told to get something, at around 9. But he wore black leggings in class. The white leotard is probably what we would opt with in your situation. With white tights, even if the tunic is longer, you will definitely want some added protection - white tights really don't give that much coverage!

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Thank you so much! You are all life savers! Next question will be about how to deal with sister rivalry (It is my second year, why is he in the middle?) but that would be a separate topic.

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Make sure you let us know what you decide on (if you are willing to share.) You aren't the first with this question and won't be the last, so it'd be great for others looking for answers to this very same question over the next few years!

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Hi Kathryn,

I agree with clara and cheetah on this, I had a similar problem for my ds, you could go with nude coloured briefs but if his tunic is long

then I think a leotard would be a good way to go. My ds is quite small so still wears girls white tights and as cheetah says coverage can be an issue.

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Francesca, had not gotten as far as worrying about tights. You are right, he will have to wear girls tights. Should he use two pairs for coverage or should I look for non-dance tights that are a bit thicker or just let it go? He will have a leo on underneath, I think.

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