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I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the partners, family, and friends that surround us, encourage us, and put up with us from time to time.


I like that my friends, many of whom have zero interest in or knowledge of ballet, will ask me "what I'm learning now", will go with me to see performances, or plan early Friday night outings because they know I have to get a good night's sleep before my Saturday a.m. class.


I really appreciate that my partner* "gets it"...that ballet classes are my equivalent of his gym time and that those are a priority for both of us to the extent that meals and dog walking duties and many other activities are planned around what nights I have class on the weekdays and when my weekend classes are scheduled. He also gives me a hug when I come home in a foul mood after a bad class, smiles with me when I've had a good class and am chatty with euphoria, and just likes that I have my own activities that I am passionate about (and vice versa!). And though he gave me some grief about it in a playful way, he cheerfully helped me carry two big mirrors from the garbage area on our building loading dock up to our apartment (they had been taken out of the neighboring fitness center when it was renovated and OF COURSE, I pounced on them as great ballet practice mirrors for the spare bedroom).


*This post was inspired by his very matter of fact (not jokey or sarcastic at all, just practical information-gathering) inquiry last night as to "Which sink doesn't have tights in it?" :D

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Yes, yes, cheers to our support group! To this day, I am floored by my husband (previously boyfriend) that he didn't tell me I was crazy at the age of 26 when I said to him, "I think I want to try learning as much as possible about ballet - that means full time classes and being the old weirdo in a Summer Intensive with teens. What do you think?" At the time, all he understood was that it was something I loved dearly and wanted to experience at its utmost. Even when I used to come home and sob about being a terrible dancer and being ignored or yelled at in a foreign language, he never said, "Why are you still doing this?"


From a crazy whim, to being a full time student, to becoming a children's ballet teacher, to directing a small ballet school - my husband's taken the entire roller coaster ride with me from beginning to end! The best thing is, you can ask him about the anatomy of a pointe shoe and he can totally tell you!!! Hahaha! Also, even better, ask him for the plots of certain ballets and he'll explain them in the most matter of fact way. Giselle: Zombies & Ghosts! Le Corsaire: Pirates. La Bayadere: Snakes at the wedding. Swan Lake: Avian love triangle.

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LOL!!! I love those plot summaries Fille! :)


I echo the cheers to our support group... mine being my mom, my boyfriend, and most definitely everyone here, especially when I underwent the mini crisis that led to me changing schools. The support was unbelievable and very touching :thumbsup:

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