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foot exercises to improve point


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I would appreciate any advice on exercises to improve a boys' foot 'pointing' and otherwise improve the foot. Especially for a boy who does not have a natural perfect point, I have heard that tha timprovements cna be made over time wiht exercises. Any specific advice and/or anecdotes about improvements made by working the foot, in addition to the standard work at the barre. Thanks so much.

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The basic answer here is "tendu", with a chaser of "degagé, frappé, pas de cheval" and anything else that makes the foot work. Nothing teaches pointing of the feet like pointing the feet!

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Absolutely true!!!!


Sometimes if a dancer seems to be having a bit more trouble, I will have him do theraband exercises, but it is best if he does them with a teacher overseeing so that he does not develop bad habits. What has his teacher recommended?

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Oversight is a good thing, even when it reaches the level of the teacher pursuing the student across and around the room, calling out "point your feet! point your feet! point your feet!!!" the way mine did. It worked.

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Hahaha!!! I got the funniest picture in my head over that one, Major Mel!

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Great to see that other boys are taking pointe. My son tried to take it at one studio and was told that pointe is for girls. He was so head strong about taking pointe to strengthen his center that he looked for other studios and found one. He studied there for a year and went into competition with his pointe solo and literally was told on his comment sheet they thought he was a girl because he came out backwards for his entrance and he looked like a girl on pointe. The judge wrote in her comments I never seen a boy on pointe. I was ready to scream!!!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Leotardsandmore. :)


Actually, this topic is not about pointe work for boys, it's about teaching them HOW to point their feet and and then DOING it all the time!


As for pointe, that is a whole different ball game, and probably one we don't want to get into in this thread.

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