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Am I injured?


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I was wondeering if anybody could give me any ideas about what i'm doing wrong? My hip has been hurting VERY bad. It is only on my left side. It only hurts when I lift it to the side. I could be lifting my leg to the front and the back without any pain into a full split, but then when I go to the side it hurts so bad I almost feel like crying. The pain is only in my hip. I know that when you do not work a muscle enough it starts to shake but it was shaking. My leg just drops even when im trying so hard to keep it up. I don't recall injuring or hurting my hip. Am I injured? Are my hip flexers tight? Are my stomach muscles not strong enough? What am I doing wrong? :)


If it is injured what should I do?

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First, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, dancer097. :)


We cannot virtually diagnose, but generally speaking, if there is pain, there is something wrong. There could be an injury, or, you could be doing something wrong in à la seconde that is causing the problem. It is possible that you are trying to take your leg too far side, beyond your level of rotation. This could cause pain. However, I think that any consistent pain needs to be checked by a physician.

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Oops! A parent wandered into the YD forum by mistake. Sorry, but the post is removed. Also, please look at the dates on posts. This one was almost a year old, and it had been answered. We do not recommend treatments, only technical advice from teachers, and advising the student to see a physician if it involves an injury.

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