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You will, I am sure, have your reasons for not applying to Tring but I would seriously reconsider this before looking abroad. In my opinion, it is a good school and they seem to be particularly strong at supporting talented boys. They are also happy, I believe, to see people outside of the normal audition times and could therefore potentially offer your son a place for this September, although they would probably not have any available funding at this stage.


All may not be lost at Elmhurst either as waiting list places have been known to be offered right up to the beginning of the Autumn term.


Sorry, edited to add that I have just realised that this is a parents of boys thread and I have a daughter. I do, however, know male dancers who attend all the four schools mentioned and my daughter is away at school, so speak from that perspective.

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We went to an Open Day at the weekend, at a school that does 'some' dance (albeit doesn't specialise.) It does, however, offer an impressive standard of music and art - my DS's other passions. We will carry on looking at all options and he can apply for what he feels suitable and hopefully we will find a school where he 'fits in'; will thrive and can continue with his dance. At the moment his dilemma is losing the amount of dance time/teaching made available at a specialist school vs being amongst more boys, with similar interests in a non-specialist school. Having given the US more thought, I would find it difficult with him being so far away, but we are still going to consider the summer schools for next year. I will keep you posted.

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Thank You. He must be talented.......I looked it up.......how old was he when he went and how has he found the language barrier in respect of academics?

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Oops! A student wandered into the Parents of Boys Forum by accident and a post had to be removed.


Please remember: if you are not a parent of a male dancer, you may not post in this Forum. If you feel you have useful information to the discussion, you may forward it to a Forum Moderator (Mel, Clara76, Hans) for consideration.


Thank you.

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Hi, just in case you hadn't heard of it, Anna Duboisson has a small vocational school in London called the Young Dancers Academy (she has a standard 'lessons outside school' ballet school too) the vocational school is quite new I believe but she has a good track record of getting her kids places at White Lodge and the RBS upper school. Several of her pupils have got places at RBS and then left and returned to her. She has a reasonable number of boys, good academics and a VERY caring and artistic environment- my DS tried a day there and liked it but feels it is not for him as he is super fixated on Russian training. But it remains a possible fall back for us- a dear friend of mine who dances with her as an adult (and was a professional ballet dancer for a short while before she decided it wasn't for her) rates her as one of the most empathetic and artistically expressive teachers she has ever come across. I would probably send my DS there in preference to Elmhurst/Tring/Hammond (though on not the hugest level of experience with any of them- mostly on hearsay). Fees are about comparable with RBS but kids have to board with a local family (usually a fellow student who lives locally) as she doesn't have boarding facilities yet. Worth thinking of though- she doesn't assess out or any of that vicious stuff, and the dance education is broad so covers the possibility that they may not make the running for classical ballet but still have a life in other dance forms....

Best of luck!

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