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2008-2011 Tell us about your Graduating Class: Pre-pros

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Memo and Doubleturn,


I've been watching the RB closely since 2001, and I agree that there is no 'apprentice' programme. However, since then, there have been some performers listed as 'apprentices' - as far as I can tell, all of them are Prix de Lausanne Apprentice Scholarship Winners. This is how the RB have chosen to present some of its dances in its annual yearbook, performance documents, etc.


Prix de Lausanne winners also have distinctions - some are awarded scholarships to the school, others so-called 'Apprentice Scholarships', and go on to be labelled an 'apprentice'. Steven McRae went on to do a last year at the school and then was joined the RB as an artist. However, Celisa Diuana in 2003 or Yuhui Choe in 2002 joined as so-called 'apprentices. This is also noted in dancer bios on the website. This practice seems to be a nebulous space between school and company, relatively undefined, and seems to be the case of the NCSA student.


I'm not stating this to stir up controversy, but simply stating *how the company* has presented these dancers and the route that led them to this title. There are no 'sides' to be taken, and I'm not randomly guessing or making things up.

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There is no controversy, I did say "as far as I know". Just because it is written on the internet does not mean it is correct. Prix de Lausanne did change its format this year and things always evolve. I have seen Kyle Davis dance and he is a wonderful dancer no doubt about that.

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I'll leave it after this comment, but this isn't 'just' based on the internet (just because something is published anywhere doesn't mean that it's true, I agree). And this isn't my interpretation of things, rather I'm just reporting what I have read, and there are loads of RB followers out there who would report the same. This is not just on the internet, but in other printed material that the RB distributes. I don't think we are actually in disagreement. I agree that there is no general apprentice program or contracts - and I'm not saying that the RB has apprentices whatsoever. But, there is a special space for Prix de Lausanne *apprentice scholarships*, and there has been at least since Choe joined in 2002.

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Let's move on. For the purposes of this thread, a member has substantiated what their school is publishing as the position given this young man so let's leave it at that. If you would like to research and come back to this thread with concrete information showing otherwise, fine, but for the purposes of this thread proof enough has been provided. We don't want to mislead anyone however, if this young man has been given an apprenticeship we don't want to take away from that based on what we aren't sure about either.

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sorry ami1234 I was talking about myself when I said "just because it is written on the internet does not mean that it is correct"

Isnt this the point of the board to learn and exchange. Thanks for your input. I personally had just never heard of apprentices at Royal Ballet.

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Not all of these dancers are graduating seniors, some are younger and some are already high school graduates. However, at Washington School of Ballet we have been informed that dancers have been accepted at:


Houston Ballet II (female)

Ballet Met Trainee Program (female)

Ballet West Studio Company (male)

Atlanta Ballet (female)

Washington Ballet apprentice (male)

University of South Carolina Dance Program w/scholarship (female)


Some graduating seniors have elected to spend next year continuing their dance training at WSB.

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Guest JustMigrating

As the mom of the young man from NCSA who won at the Prix de Lausanne, I can definitely say he is joining Royal Ballet as an apprentice (although not the same salary as a corp member), and not the school. I wouldn't normally break cover here, but I wanted to set the record straight. And from perusing Royal's website, if you look at the actual biographies associated with the dancers, it indicates when a particular dancer joined as an apprentice.


Just a quick note on the Prix de Lausanne winners. Whether they receive a scholarship to a school or an apprenticeship with a company depends on their age: the 15-16 year olds receive scholarships and the 17-18 year olds receive apprenticeships.

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Justmigrating, thank you very much for confirming your son's wonderful offer. You have much to be proud about with your son's fine accomplishments. I hope you will share with us this next year as he moves into an apprentice position with the company. Hearty congratulations to him and to you! :blushing:

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Houston Ballet II graduates:


Oregon Ballet Theatre: one female and one male each with apprenticeships


Colorado Ballet: two females trainee position


Les Grandes Ballets Canadien: one male apprenticeship


Houston Ballet: two males and three females given apprenticeships (two other females received apprenticeships mid year and one received a corps contract for next year, the other remained an apprentice)


Orlando Ballet: one male apprenticeship


Joffrey Ballet: one male corps contract


Ballet West II: one male second company member

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Justmigrating thanks for chiming in. And many congrats to your son. Hope he enjoys London. Its a great city and a fabulous company. :blushing:

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Yes, thanks for clarifying the situation Justmigrating. Congratulations again - I'll look out for your son at Covent Garden.

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Guest JustMigrating

Thank you for the congratulations! We are indeed very happy and proud of our son. He has worked very hard and has been focused for so long. And I do want to give kudos to his school NCSA and to his coach Warren Conover.


And to clear up any additional confusion regarding Prix de Lausanne winners, I just wanted to indicate that the money the winners receive is to pay for the dancer's living expenses (whether scholarship students at a school or apprentices at a company). For apprentices, this means the company pays less (that is, the apprentice does not get a full apprentice salary from the company AND the Prix de Lausanne winnings). The Prix doles out the prize money monthly for 10 months (the length of the apprenticeship). Royal is paying a per performance amount, health insurance and shoes/tights/belts, etc. ABT II is somewhat similar (ABT II was my son's second choice at the Prix and the director talked to my son). For Prix winners, ABT II pays the dancer the difference between the Prix winnings and the standard ABT II monthly amount. Neither the Royal apprenticeship nor the ABT II position pays a lot of money though - not enough to live on without outside help! But an apprentice is supposed to be a transition between school and full company member.


The company manager from Royal has been extremely pleasant and very helpful answering all our questions! He said he would personally look into finding our son a place to live (our biggest concern). And Royal has already asked our son to go on tour with Royal next spring (when his apprenticeship is finished) for which he will be paid as a corp member. So that is wonderful.

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Kirov Academy Graduates (17 in the graduating class):


This list includes only the accepted offers.


Texas Ballet Theater: 1 male (returning for 2nd season with the company)


Orlando Ballet: 1 male (corps)


Universal Ballet Company: 1 male, 1 female


Houston Ballet II: 1 female


Colorado Ballet Studio Company: 3 females


San Francisco School: 1 female (continuing for second year)


Pittsburg Ballet Graduate Program: 1 female


Kirov Academy Apprentice Program: 1 male


Undecided: 6 females (at the end of the summer, I will report on offers accepted by this group)

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pj, thank you for the update! Those are excellent results. I'm curious about the KAB Apprentice program. I've not heard of this before. Can you tell us a bit about it please?


I'm also confused about those you list as 2nd year. Do you mean that they left KAB a year early to take these positions and are now graduating academically with the KAB students? Or, am I misreading what you wrote?

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I am a bit confused about the two graduates you have mentioned as "continuing for second year" and "returning for 2nd season with the company."


If they are having a 'second' year at their respective companies, then how is it that they are graduating from Kirov this Spring? What am I missing?


Also, could you please let us know what position in the companies these grads have been given? Thanks!

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