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2008-2011 Tell us about your Graduating Class: Pre-pros

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I can answer the question regarding the male at Texas Ballet Theater as he is a friend of the family. He was offered a trainee position with TBT this past season (2007-2008). As this was such a great opportunity with TBT, he continued his studies via correspondence - he only lacked a class or two to graduate. He returned to Kirov last week to graduate and perform with his class. I was told he performed the same dance as last year and received a second standing ovation for his dance again this year.


Unless I've been given incorrect information for the 20088-2009 season, he was promoted into the Company as a Soloist. We are very excited for him and can't wait to see what he does in the future.


Congratulations and Merde! to all of the graduates.

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Balletbooster - KAB's apprentice program is listed on the website. It's been around awhile. It's for students 18 and above who want/need additional training. Students must live off campus, though. They only participate in the dance training - no academics. This year there were three, though one of them did not stay the entire year. Not sure why.


As for students returning to graduate - this a provision defined in the student handbook. Or one verison anyway - it changes a lot. Students who have been matriculating at KAB - who are current in all academic classes - and who are made offers at companies the year prior to graduating (in other words - they've made it through at least 11th grade) can complete courses via correspondence and come back and graduate with their academic class. Our understanding was it was for company offers, but one student came back from another pre-pro school. Both had been at the school several years, though, so it's nice to see they were able to secure the diploma. They are also given space in the yearbook as seniors and participate in graduation ceremonies. Wasn't aware students performed with the school, though - DS doesn't recall either two performing in the spring performance.

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Thank you for the explanation, Cheetah! I think the term 'apprentice' is what confused me about the KAB program. I think of this position associated with a pro company, instead of post-grad training. Thanks again! :)

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Can anyone report on both the Advanced Level students as well as the Student Apprentices at Miami City Ballet?

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Bossov Ballet Theatre graduates:


2 females are going to college in non-dance majors.

1 female is going to Boston Conservatory in the dance program.

1 male will be a company member for Ballet Theatre of Maryland.

1 post-grad female will be an apprentice 2 for Ballet Theatre of Maryland

1 part-time female is going to college as a theater major.

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San Francisco Ballet School


Level 7 male

1 North Carolina Ballet


Level 8 females

1 Oregon Ballet corps

1 Pennsylvania II

1 Hamburg Ballet apprenticeship


Trainee females

1 female San Francisco Ballet corps

1 female San Francisco Ballet apprenticeship

1 Oregon Ballet corps

2-trainee offer 2nd year as trainee

1 exchange student returning to France


Trainee Males

1 American Repertory Ballet corps

1 Joffrey Ballet corps

1 National Ballet of Canada corps

1 exchange student returning to France

I think 1 male return 2nd year trainee

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I moved a beginning discussion to a new thread. Let's keep this one for the discussion of graduating classes and questions about the specific school's mentioned.

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Boston Ballet


These are the BBS Trainee "Advancements" as published in the Spring Showcase program. As far as I know most of these young people are already H.S. grads...or not yet H.S. grads. Only 2 of them were listed in the Graduating Seniors category.

"We are proud to recognize the following BBS Trainee students who have joined or will be joining the ranks of professional companies or their apprentice troupes next season:


Males: Richmond Ballet, NCDT, Pennsylvania Ballet II, Hamburg Ballet School

Females: Boston Ballet II (3), Cincinnati Ballet, Ballet Austin, Carolina Ballet


There are Graduating H.S. seniors that are off to college, off to college ballet programs, or deferring college to continue to pursue dance training at BBS or elsewhere. I don't have the details to post. Maybe someone else will.

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My dd is going to Cincinnati Conservatory majoring in dance- if her knee is ok since she had surgery in Feb. and is still not dancing. Her friend is going to Indiana Univ majoring in dance. I don't know about the other seniors since my dd hasn't been able to take class for months.

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Boston Ballet School: Another senior is going to Butler University for dance and one girl is going to Stanford majoring in biomedical engineering and minoring in dance. Whew!

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Just returned from the Graduation/Show at Harid and learned the following,


Out of seven graduating seniors there were 5 girls and 2 boys


1 girl will be going to Indiana

1 girl will be going be attending New Jersey Ballet (unsure of what capacity)

1 girl will be returning home due to an injury

1 girl will be attending 2 top summer intensives

My d will be attending Point Park University on Scholarship, with a Musical Theater Major and Ballet Minor


1 boy will be attending Juilliard on scholarship

1 boy has offers but I am not sure where he is headed.



1 girl trainee San Francisco Ballet (after having attended their SI 2008)

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