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2008-2011 Tell us about your Graduating Class: Pre-pros

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Dancing Arts Center:

3 will not be studying dance as a major in college: Northeastern, Suffolk and Ithaca Universities

1 was offered a trainee position at Ballet Magnificat or will do a postgrad year at Lines, not sure yet

1 will be attending Houston Ballet Academy

1 (me!) will be taking a gap year, traveling for part of the year and then volunteering with inner city dance programs, then summer as an intern at jacob's pillow, and attending Princeton in the fall of '09

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Congratulations!!!!!!! Your Gap year sounds amazing and Princeton 09 very impressive!



Best of luck and enjoy!








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The actual high school seniors at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre:


1 male to SAB for summer, back to PBT grad for fall

1 female to SAB for summer, back to PBT grad for fall

1 female to Northwestern - not a dance major

1 female to Butler - dance major

1 female to Ballet Austin for summer, back to PBT grad for fall

1 female remaining at PBT for summer, grad program in fall

I think there is one more female hs grad, but I cannot remember where the brochure said she was going.

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Thanks for that info, dance1. Can you elaborate on where the actual 25 or so Grad students are going, and how many are returning?

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Royal Winnipeg Ballet School


Professional Ballet/Academic grads


Male Apprentice - National Ballet of Canada - Jacobs Pillow, then Banff

Male Apprentice - RWB - Banff for summer

Male - Winnipeg Contemporary dancers - Post grad program

Male - Ballet Austin Main Company - Jacob's Pillow, then New Zealand exchange

Female - Aspirant RWB - Banff, then New Zealand exchange

Female - Aspirant RWB - Jacob's Pillow, then Banff

Female - Aspirant RWB - Jacob's Pillow, then RWB Summer

Female - Apprentice - Eugene - PNB for Summer

Female - Aspirant RWB - Boston for Summer

Female - Aspirant RWB - RWB Summer

Female - Aspirant RWB - RWB Summer


Aspirant Program - I do not know all of their summer plans


Female - Apprentice RWB

Female - returning for second year aspirant RWB- Banff Summer

Female - Apprentice Ballet Idaho

Female - Apprentice Ballet Eugene

Female - Pursuing options in Europe

Female - After dancing with a ballet company in Berlin since January has decided to pursue academics

Female - Apprentice - Corella's company in Spain

Male - Apprentice RWB

Male - undecided for fall, Banff Summer

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Our relatively small studio, with a student company attached, graduated 16 seniors total, half of which were musical theater "majors". All totaled, that group of artists amassed over $300,000 in scholarships in their chosen field, which I thought was absolutely mind boggling, considering the salary that these artists will make after graduation or securing a job. (I guess it's good that college is paid for for some!)


Anyway, as far as the Ballet Wing of the company goes:


Male: full ride to Butler

Male: deferred Indiana; SFB trainee in the fall

Female: University of Texas and will attend Ballet Austin/trainee program most likely

Female: (my DD) graduated a year early and is deciding between PBT Grad Program and Miami City Ballet

3 Female: college bound - non-dance majors

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Dance1Soccer1: Thanks for the PBT update. Do you know what offers the dancers received that finished the grad program? I remember that last year's list was quite impressive. Thanks!

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I actually only know what DD's friends got, out of the grad program. One female, Louisville Ballet. One male, corps, Ballet Idaho. One female, apprentice, Ballet Idaho, one female, apprentice, Ballet Memphis, one female apprentice, NCDT, and several males got year-round offers (trainee?) at Miami and Boston. One male and one female were asked to join PBT. Several females are going on to college programs majoring in dance, and several to college programs, non-dance majors. I am sure that there was other good news, I'm just not up on it! Also, several more were asked to attend summer programs with possiblity of trainee or apprentice positions to follow.

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Rock School (RAPA) graduating seniors:


Austin Ballet Trainee 1

Boston Ballet Trainee 1

PA Ballet 2 or University of South Carolina- 1

Duke University 1

University of Massachusetts 1

Indiana University (Dance) 1 Scholarship 1

Temple University Full academic Scholarship 1

Graduating early- training elsewhere next year 2

Graduating early-returning for PG year at Rock 1


I think that is all of them...

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Can anyone report on both the Trainee students as well as the Apprentices at Richmond Ballet and where they may be next year? Thanks.

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saraclara--there is some information from the 2007-8 class on the Trainee boards here:

Richmond Ballet Trainees



You may want to ask your question there to see if that member who was there has information for you.

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The Royal Ballet School published this list of graduate contracts in their Lindbury season program.



James Hay

Royal Ballet


Dawid Trzensimiech

Royal Ballet


Dusty Button

Birmingham Royal Ballet


Delia Matthews

Birmingham Royal Ballet


Nicki Moffat

Birmingham Royal Ballet


Antoinette Brooks-Daw

Northern Ballet Theatre


Yoshihisa Arai

Northern Ballet Theatre


Brice Asnar

Northern Ballet Theatre


Claire Tilley

Scottish Ballet (Apprentice)


Dylan Guitierrez

San Franciso Ballet


Alexander Loxton

Dutch National Ballet


Richard Jones

Dresden Ballet


Lucy Emery

Norwegian Ballet


Andrew Peasgood

Balet du Rhin


Victor Zarallo Munoz

Scottish Ballet *amended from originally published to what was announced at the graduation.


Katy Harvey

Royal Ballet of Flanders


Marjorie Lemain

Jeune Ballet du Cannes


Jaered Glavin

Royal New Zealand Ballet


Joshua McSherry-Gray

Royal New Zealand Ballet


Laurie McSherry-Gray

Royal New Zealand Ballet


Thomas Snee

National Ballet of Canada (apprentice)


Guy Wheatstone

South African Ballet Theatre

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Training at the Rock School doesn't necessarily end with graduation - despite having no official post grad program, they had a number of post grads this year who either stayed on after graduation, left after graduation and came back or came for post grad training. They did very well - most of them have contracts. Males -1 Dayton Ballet and 1 Rochester City Ballet. 5 Females at - Ballet Arizona/corps, NCDT 2, American Repertory Ballet, Ballet Austin 2, and St. Louis Ballet/company dancer. There have been a number of discussions on the board regarding the lack of jobs for very young dancers and these stats may address the possibility that companies are looking for a slightly more mature dancer who has done some extra dance work either through college or post grad training.

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I know of two students from Maple Conservatory of Dance in Orange County, Calif. who were offered (and accepted) trainee positions with San Fran Ballet for this fall.

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