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2008-2011 Tell us about your Graduating Class: Pre-pros

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I can add to/edit the list of the aspirants from Royal Winnipeg provided by Balletmom311 above.


Aspirant Program -

Female - Colorado Ballet

Female - Apprentice RWB

Female - returning for second year aspirant RWB

Female - Apprentice Ballet Idaho

Female - Apprentice Ballet Eugene

Female - Pursuing options in Europe

Female - After dancing with a ballet company in Dresden, Germany since January has decided to pursue academics

Female - Apprentice - Corella's company in Spain

Female - Apprentice - Ballet Jorgen (Toronto)

Male - Apprentice RWB

Male - Apprentice - Ballet B.C.

Male - Apprentice - Ballet Jorgen (Toronto)


I have edited to add one that was missing. I think all are accounted for now.

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I figured I'd start this thread off this year. The school is Bossov Ballet Theatre.


Several dancers were accepted to Mt. Holyoke, Dartmouth, Brown (lots of other Ivys).

Two were accepted to Boston conservatory.

At least one that I know of was accepted to Butler and Tish.


Here's where they (all female) actually went:

2 to Smith, 1 to Hart, 1 to Swarthmore, 1 to Nursing school, 1 to a company trainee position and one junior to a company trainee position.


Some of these were commuters. The commuters and the MCI students had comparable or the same acceptances.

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From Interlochen Arts Academy we had 17 seniors:


2- Cornish College of the Arts

3- SUNY Purchase

1- University of Texas

1- University of Utah

1- University of Ohio

1- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

1- Boston Conservatory

1- Juilliard

1- University of Hartford/ The Hartt School

1- Barnard/ Columbia

1- University of Michigan


One is unsure, one is taking a year off and then attending Ohio University for something other than dance, and one deferred CCM for a year.

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I've added a request for info on many of the actual threads for the Pre-pro residency schools in hopes that members actually in those schools will get the notifications to help with the list. Please check those threads to see if that works better to gather this time around.


However, we would absolutely love it, if you would tell us about your smaller, not as big name pre-pro schools on this very thread. There are so many gem programs in small town America who have equally as wonderful news to share while the school is not big enough or functional enough outside it's locale to warrant it's own thread!

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I just posted this on the KAB thread in response to a question and then saw this post.


The Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C. had 14 graduates this year (an unusually large class).


Dresden Ballet, corps de ballet

Zurich Ballet second company

Kansas City Ballet, corps de ballet

Atlantic City Ballet, one corps, one apprentice

Joffrey Ballet trainee

OBT trainee

2 to Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, "grad program" (a trainee program for dancers who have completed their training)

San Diego Ballet, apprentice


One boy is coming back for a post-grad year. I am not certain about three of the girls. One applied to a Broadway-bound school in New York (!!!) and another had several studio company/trainee offers and she slipped away before I could find out which one she accepted. The third was not in my classes, so I don't know where she's going -- I'll find out and post.


(editing to change the "12" to "14"

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DD school is part of a performing arts HS - SCPA.

It was a pretty small class this year and not as strong as previous years.

1 girl going at SMU for dance

1 boy going to Columbia College in Chicago for MT

1 girl going to CCC for dance performance

2 girls going to universities for physical thearapy

and 2 more that I am not sure of, but not staying in dance


These 8 are a combination of kids from the pre-pro track and the recreational track.

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I just moved a post regarding Houston Ballet II to its dedicated thread in the Trainee, Apprentice, Second Company Program forum. We are trying to keep the information for the more well-known programs collated in their dedicated threads.


This thread works better for those programs that are less-well known and/or more localized such that they don't warrant their own dedicated threads. :blushing:

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Here's what the Maple Conservatory of Dance in Irvine announced for their graduating students:


One girl invited to Houston Ballet's Ben Stevenson Academy

One girl invited to Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's Graduate Program

One girl invited w/ two-year scholarship to Stuttgart Ballet's John Cranko Upper School

One girl accepted w/ scholarship to Indiana University, Jacobs School Ballet Department

One girl invited to University of the North Carolina School of the Arts

One girl continuing post-grad training in Maple Conservatory's Professional Dance Division

One boy accepted w/ scholarship to Belhaven College in Jackson, MS

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Only three graduating seniors in Dd's class at pre-pro school...


One accepted with scholarship to Indiana University, Jacobs School of Music as a Ballet Major

One accepted with scholarship to Marymount College NYC

One received a contract with Texas Dance Theatre, a smaller contemporary company

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Four graduating seniors at DD's school:


One has a contract with Houston Ballet

One is staying as an apprentice with school-connected pro company

One is attending University of Kentucky for veterinary science

One is still uncertain of her plans...probably attending local community college (which has a dance program)

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Only 1 graduate this year at DD's school, my DD. She passed her RAD Advanced 2 with Distinction in the spring (her goal) and will be attending university in the fall to pursue a degree in engineering. Tutumonkey.

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Since reports are beginning to come in early this year, I will go ahead and put up our "tell us" threads. Remember, it helps if you are willing to list the actual school, however, we do understand some people's hesitation in doing so. What the school name offers is a chance for others trying to determine whether a decision for residency, moving to the larger school, etc are worth it in consistent contracts under newer hiring practices. This information is hard to decipher on the school's websites since most list all their alumni and we have no way of knowing how many recent placements they had have.


We also ask that on this thread you include college attendance from your pre-pro/residency, company acceptances, trainee programs, corp, basically everything and that you are specific. Specific in nature includes the level of placement for company positions. As an example, if you list solely "Dakota Ballet" then people will assume that this is a corp or above position when you may have meant it was a Trainee position or vice versa. So listing as much of the detail in that regard as you have will be helpful. This will be an ongoing thread as newsletters go out and end of year concerts occur. But since we're seeing some reports up early, we're listing the threads for you. Thanks in advance!

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DD's school had their senior choreography demonstrations last night where all the kids announce their plans for next year. DD is at a 4-12 Public performing arts school in Cincinnati that is a classical ballet program with modern once a week from grade 9 on, and a recreational track which is a mix of styles. I am only including the pre-pro track here.

In graduating class of 9 these are the plans.

1 girl CCM

2 girls point park (jazz and madern)

1 girl SMU dance (modern)

1 girl Marymount Manhattan, did not get into dance this year but will re-audition

1 boy Ailey summer with hopes to stay on (did not apply to colleges)

1 boy to Joffery training for year round

1 boy to LA on a movie contract (not ballet)

1 girl was sick so I don't know


What is interesting to me, is DD year was seen as a "weak" year but in the end more are going in in dance than other years, but many are moving from classical ballet to other forms - so maybe rather than weak they were versatile.

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Just a quick question calamitous, are you talking about the school featured in the MTV show Taking the Stage?? What gave it away was Cincinatti and the boy with the movie contract in LA - Tyler! Lol.

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