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I just tried on my recital outfit, then raced here to CRY.... :)


It's giant and PURPLE and poofy, making me look 10x larger than I am. I hate it so much! Even losing 20 pounds won't fix this thing (not that I'm huge, I'm a size 8).


I've vowed to never dance another recital until I see the costume...

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Poor you! Our recital costumes were quite horrible, but one of my classmates really says what she thinks and after some searching in the piles of costumes of past recitals we found something that made it work.. I'm so relieved! :thumbsup:


On the other hand, I don't like the dance we do (I told my boyfriend I didn't want him to come.. Also because we do one 3 minute piece in the whole show and tickets are a bit pricey) and I really should be studying this weekend. Fortunately one of my classmates also has to study and the teacher told us we have 2 small dressing rooms for our group (8 people), so we should be able to make ourselves a 'studying corner' :thumbsup:


I really shouldn't have participated in this...


And I've started PT with my ankle, and now the pain/irritation is worse. And they gave me 'some' exercices I should do daily. If I do them slowly as they taught me I think I'll need an hour to complete them all. Don't know where I'm going to put that in my planning, but I'm doing my best because I DO want the pain to go away. :)

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Usually I speak my mind too...but with your classmates all standing there staring at you, you just bite your tongue. Although my face said, "I hate this SO much!"

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My favourite modern class was canceld. I am really frustrated right now.

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My BF's brother is staying with us and brought his cold virus. I had to skip class & rehearsal for the last 2 days. Missed my Reformer private & massage today. Sleepy & febrile.

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I started on some new pointe shoes last class and it was just so painful, ugh. Have you ever had it where it feels like your feet should be all scraped up and bloody, yet they are mysteriously fine when you take your shoes off at the end of class? That was me. :)

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TemptressToo - yikes! It sounds like a giant purple people eater costume. Are you stuck with it? Maybe finding photos of your favorite dancers in ridiculous costumes might help; there are plenty out there :D


My gripe: Took a week off to let foot heal. Am very cranky. All that excess energy that was going into class and rehearsals has nowhere to go now, and I'm bouncing off the walls. Not even sure it's helping the foot - somehow it feels more sore when I don't dance than when I do.

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My teacher thinks i may not be ready to take my exams in Sept/Oct because my pointe work isnt strong enough... simple fact is I'm afraid of a good portion of the centre work - especially pirouettes en de dans... I just dont know how to trust myself enough to even try. :)

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Awww, I feel for you appleblossom. It's like me with the en dehors. I've been trying in vain to do them for way too long - it's embarassing. :) I just hate that 'going backwards' feeling - even though it's actually the same direction as en dedans! :unsure:

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"I've been trying in vain to do them for way too long" is true for me of any kind of pirouette :) Today the teacher (in a class that hasn't done pirouettes ever at least since I joined in September) decided to give pirouettes en dehors at the barre from 4th and 5th, and then pirouettes en dedans as part of a petit allegro combination in the center. Out of the blue, no starting with quarter- or half-turns, nothing. And everyone else in the class seemed to do just fine. :) I guess they must all either have prior experience or go to a different class where they actually learn stuff? I was kind of getting there with the en dehors on my stronger side but I'd never done en dedans before and trying to do them after a bunch of jumping was a disaster...

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The neuroma that sidelined me about 5 years ago is back. I can dance, but sometimes can't releve on my left foot. Dr. is treating aggressively and we caught it early this time. Just in time for my June 1st performance. :(

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Appleblossom I know exactly how you feel as if anything is going to prevent me doing my exam in Septemeber it is going to be my pointe work! For me a huge part of it is a fear factor component which has resulted in me not only not enjoying it, but largely neglecting it because I just dont want to put those shoes on!

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