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Gyrotonic or Yoga to help turnout?


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Hi, I'm currently doing pilates, it's been about a year now and although I see a significant improvement in my stomach core and arm strength, as well as co-ordination and more balanced muscles, my turn out is not really improving. ): Looking for another alternative to 'open' up the hips and considering taking either gyrotonic or yoga. Wished I could take both but money is an issue. So yeah, don't know which is better.




(haven't been on here for quite some time already, for the very kind moderators who have guided me through many problems I had previously, thank you again. And a little update of my progress, I've enrolled into SBA (it's been a while already, finally gained the courage to look at the elephant and not the ant. ;)) Have also been accepted into a course by sdt and will soon become a full-time dip dance student. :) Thanks so much for the guidance and taking time to answer my questions. :blink:)

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Try Gyrotonics first.

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