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My teachers are always on my back...

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I feel overwhelmed by my teacher's expectations. I started ballet really late (18) but with a very balletic body and abilities, and, since then, my teacher and the director have been caring a lot about my training, perhaps too much. I am doing 4 hours of ballet, 2 hours of stretching, and rehearsals everyday, I absolutely love it and am very dedicated but I can't take my teachers' attitude anymore.


When we are at the barre, he's constantly behind me, correcting, criticizing, slapping my legs (russian way...), and in rehearsals it's the same, nothing is ever GOOD, i'm killing myself to work and it's never enough. I'm taking adult professional classes, everyone else in class can wear fancy leotards and skirts, shorts...but I still have to wear no-sleeves leo and tights like the kids, which makes me feel very uncomfortable. I also live at the school, so I feel that I can't eat what I want, and I'm weighed with the little girls.

It's exhausting me, I can't do anything else because I don't have time, I only have sunday afternoon off and I just sleep.

I don't dare talking to them about this because i am on scholarship, I am not paying for anything, I also know i'm very lucky to have a serious training as an adult and good teachers and I really love what I'm doing, but it's driving me crazy and my body can't take it anymore.. what would you advice me to do ? thank you !!

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Whoa! Wait a minute- weigh-ins??? Hold on- that combined with the slapping would have made me walk out already. :lol:


Have you scoped out other training opportunities in your city? The situation as you've described it tells me that deep down, you already know what you need to do. :thumbsup:

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I think I will go to GITIS in Moscow to study choreography and teaching, but not before a year or two as I have to learn russian and be better at ballet. I know they are the best teachers to enable me to get in, so, unfortunately, I can't leave... I just need to find a solution in the meantime so I can handle the situation

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elice, your self-esteem and your development into adulthood are far more important than ballet. I am concerned about you and would like you to talk to a trusted advisor, clergy member, or doctor as soon as possible, ok?


There is much more to becoming a dancer than what is being presented to you at the moment, and at 18, it is especially important that a dancer know herself, her limits, and have a clear understanding of boundaries and assertiveness. I don't want you to allow people to slap you or to treat you in the manner in which you are currently allowing. You are better than that. :wub: Time to get some help with this issue so you can heal. :)

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Also, Russians (although this is by no means limited to them) sometimes have a way of making you think their way is the only way to succeed, that you have to go to a particular school, etc...this is NOT true, and you should be wary of any teacher who presents him/herself as having all the answers or being the only one who can get you where you want to be. There are many, many ballet schools both in this country and abroad, and even to acquire teaching qualifications, you do not have to go to one in particular, or take a particular route there. Please bear this in mind and do not allow yourself to be abused or taken advantage of by teachers who may be more focused on their own egos than your best interests.

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Please leave this stiuation befor it does permanant damage to your mental and physical health. I worked with a physically and emotionaly abusive teacher for a long time and even though I stopped dancing with her about 5 years ago, I still have the mental blocks about corrections espicially hands on ones ( my ballet teachers now know to tell me or ask before they touch me) . Please don't torture your self with this no one should ever ever deal with an abusive teacher. Also if you see him to this to younger children report him to the AD and any authorities that may be able to help ie. police or child services/ family services. I wish some one had called on my abusive teacher. And document every incident of hitting or inappropriate touching.

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What school is this? I would ask in a PM but it's not letting me send a message.

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We do not recommend that Young Dancers post the name of their schools on the board.


Vaganova dancer, you have been a member long enough, but you do not have the post count to move from New Member to Member, which would come with the privilege of Private Messaging. Elice is also new, so you would not be able to send her a PM either.

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Aha, got it! Need to be more active and get posting then :)


I understand the implications of posting the name of the school on the board, which is why I wanted to send a PM.


Anyway, thanks! /end hijack


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