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I received an email letter a few days ago from Francois Perron formerly of Manhattan Youth Ballet. He has opened his own school the French Academie of Ballet in NYC. Letter says that audition date is June 18th for both the summer intensive & year round program. The website for the school is frenchacademieofballet.org

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njballetgirl, I'm sorry to have to remove your first post, but this forum is only for discussion of the topic posted by the original poster.

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The French Academie of Ballet will be holding auditions for their August Summer Intensive programs on June 18th. 2011 French Academie of Ballet Summer Intensive More information can be found on their website http://www.frenchacademieofballet.org.


I know it's a bit late to be making summer plans, but if you are able, it is definitely a program worth checking out.

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Sorry FAB, but that is advertising. If we allow that post, then we have to allow every school to advertise their workshops or their Nutcrackers, their master classes or anything else they are doing.

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In looking at the school's website, I don't see a schedule. Can anyone tell me whether open classes are provided? We will be in the City during the month of July, and my daughters would be interested in weekend classes.

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Arizona Native - The French Academie of Ballet does not offer open classes. Francois Perron, FAB's Artistic Director, does teach open classes at Perdiance every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:30am. We do offer workshops throughout the year so you might want to check our website to see if one ends up being scheduled during your time in NYC.

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Just received this year's audition announcement. Auditions for their yearround program are on September 4th. They have added another level to their program as well as Boys classes for the younger male dancers. Both will be taught by Francois Perron.


Details can be found by clicking link. http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=6pyltnfab&v=001JbwlstczWI78tJa8d3XSJfyO_5IeYoWnOmqMrW6HGONdPeU_XyEzzKcNW1KcHi5x7k5OVt-NyG_wgpeP5Beohxuh9v9IjQff8yVhAkG6EiJyhKkn-XKWUeilSJDEmWVoKP3KDt7fw0aUfumY8n4kUCLpZzZ8FiTDtx4n08tKnPpzqMBNNz10uRj5DnPqKHIcQDYKWyngOEVIM-M4SV8cJ4S8h9X-YqnA4E2KG4hFDKpfWy34Oe48VQP09k3cTeXf2Lm1bS3Mm_-2_68nEOL52H9k6oVfY70P0KUhhyxrB_w%3D

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Does anyone have any information on their year-round program?. I don't see details on their website. I know they have an elementary, intermediate and advanced program. I think the Intermediate prog. is what we are interested in. So, if anyone knows the age range, the schedule and what the quality of teaching is, I would be very grateful for feedback. Thank you!

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Manhattanmom, Just email them your interest & they will send you the info. I believe there are classes 5/6 days a week. Very, very expensive in the range of $8,000 per year.

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Manhattanmom -


Next year the French Academie of Ballet will consist of two levels; Intermediate/Advanced and Advanced. All dancers will have classes six days a week (technique, pointe, variations, partnering and modern) as well as rehearsals. Levels will be kept small to insure that each and every dancer receives the necessary individual attention and support that is needed for each dancer to realize their full potential.


Admission to the French Academie of Ballet is through audition only. There will be two open auditions - August 15th and August 29th at New York City Center Studios.


Please feel free to email us if you would like more detailed information or have specific questions.



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The French Academie of Ballet has limited spots available for the Spring 2014 semester. Visit the FAB website to learn more about the year-round program http://www.frenchacademieofballet.org.



Admission into FAB's exclusive year-round program is by audition only. Audition space is limited and pre-registration is required. For audition and pre-registration info click here - http://tinyurl.com/o8c2v43.

Edited by FABadmin
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Hi All,


I heard that French Academie of Ballet is moving to new more updated studios in Columbus Circle.  Their website has been revamped, but I am struggling with it.  Does anyone know if they have been able to confirm this news or have access to their website?



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