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Stretching and hyperextension


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When I do a straddle split (or rather, attempt one, I'm not even near the ground. I usually do them with the toes pointing to the ceiling, just in case that matters), when I slide down there is a certain point beyond which I can't seem to keep my knees in place and they sink down into hyperextension. As a result, I don't feel a good stretch in my muscles, and I feel a kind of 'stretch' in the back of my knees which does not feel right at all.


Are there any alternatives to stretch the insides of the upper legs that do not put such a strain on the knees? Thank you :lol:

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Have you tried not sliding down, but sitting on the floor, with your feet against the wall, and pushing your derrière forward by putting your arms behind you to push?

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If you are wanting to target just the inside upper thighs, try laying on your back with your feet up against the wall in a Grand Plié in 2nd ie. Bum on ground but away from the wall, feet up on wall with knees over toes. Then just concentrate on relaxing, breathing and lengthening those muscles.

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