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Yes, there are Sports Medicine Physicians and Physical Therapists that focus primarily on dance injuries. I am not sure about in the Buffalo area, but suggest inquiring at your nearest children's hospital and your region's most prominent ballet company; and do some online searches as well.

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Not sure which side of the Buffalo area you are on, but in Rochester Sue Callan Harris works with the Rochester City Ballet: http://www.chptusa.com/index.html


If Rochester is too far, Sue may be able to provide an appropriate referral in your area.

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CeeCee, I wonder how your DD is doing now? My 14 year old DD landed awfully and tore ligaments at class one month ago. We were with a doctor who's previous medical advice for ballet injuries was just fine and non-invasive. He advised a very natural approach this time because he thinks she is strong and has been a good healer in past....a month went by and we took her to a different specialist who works with dancers and have been given feedback that is nearly the polar opposite. We are meeting in a few days to discuss the MRI results. These days waiting are the hardest- my DD facing the possibility of a very long rehabilitation period. There are a lot of details not filled in here regarding specific medical advice (or lack there of), but I wonder what advice you might give me in processing the medical advice and how I might keep myself from crying over not seeing her dance this year.

Hi Wallis. I realize your post is old. However, my DD has a similar diagnosis. I was wondering how your DD recovered and if there is any advice you can offer?

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