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warming up ankles?????????????????


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Sorry, I wasn't sure where to put this but......


First off, my ankles won't warm up until I'm almost done with barre work or at least I don't think they're warmed up. Is that strange????


In the mornings my ankles are tight and sore.

Any help?



best wishes


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Yes, it is strange, because the tendus and dégagés and demi pliés should do that. You might need a little pre-barre stretching of your feet. Just sit on the floor and gently point and flex each foot, being sure to keep them straight and not sickled. If you have a theraband, using that to stretch them could help, too.


Melissa, we have very strict rules here on Ballet Talk for Dancers, and one of them is to write your posts as correctly as possible. This would include using capital letters and punctuation. You could practice by editing your post, above! :)

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Thank you so much, I just came back from ballet and I did the Pre barre warm stuff you suggested and it helped so much. Thank again.


best Wishes


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Glad it helped, Melissa. Most dancers have some specific things they like and/or need to do before classes begin.

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