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2 Left Feet

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Okay guys, we've been talking about it for months. The clock is counting down. T minus 30 days until Richmond. Don't know about you all but I can't wait. The work schedule has cleared so I go go with a clear head and not worry about the office, and I taking more classes to build up and get ready.


So, who out there in Ballet Alert-land has committed to going? Who's arriving when? I get in on Friday because I want to spend Saturday seeing the local sights. I didn't get to take in the sights last year so I don't want to miss out this time. Anyone else there Friday? We can sight see together. I've rented a car for the first few days so we can make grocery store runs on Saturday if need be.


This is going to be fun!:(:P:(

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Guest DancerLegs

Ooh, I was wishing somebody would start another thread on Richmond - I can't wait! :( I will arrive on Saturday afternoon. Unlike you, though, 2leftfeet, I will not be taking extra classes to build up - after June 2 things pretty much dry up around here. But I will be swimming and doing some Pilates work, so hopefully I won't be TOO flabby by the 16th. I bought some new leos, have been making lists of things to pack, and have been perusing the class schedule daily. Is it June yet? :(

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Guest Aurelie

I so so so excited about going. I'm sort of running into a problem. My plane leaves saterday morning but my boss wants me to be in work that day. Last night i tried to get a later flight but because my ticket is non-refundable it's going to cost me $500 to change my flight. i need to talk to my boss today and let him know that changing my ticket does not seen like an option. Other than that i'm ready. I'm leaving Virginia on the 23th and then on the 25th I'm leaving for a camp in Minnisota to be a camp counselor. I have to pack for the Minnisota camp before I leave for virgina. That's cool that your going to have a car, i'll probably take you up on the offer to a run to the store.:( i need new point shoes before i leave to make sure my old one's don't die while I'm out there. i was actually going to start a post similar to this last night. We should start a count down.


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Guest linsusanr

My plane also leaves Saturday morning and I should be arriving in the evening (hopefully not too late barring any delays). I would be grateful for any grocery store runs in the car, 2 Left Feet! I'm so exhausted right now from work but I know I'll be ready for the trip. It'll be great to meet all of you!

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I'm so envious to you people going there.


Please, please, if you have any extra energy at any point, try to find an internet access while you are there and post something about what you have done, etc. :(

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Guest Aurelie


We will be thinking about you. I promise that if we can find a computer we will post something. I have a question. I'm 20, am I going to be the only person there under 21. I hope not I don't want to get left out if everyone goes out to the club or bar not that we will have much time to do that. I hate being the baby. If there is anyone under 21 that is going please let me know. Thanks,


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Guest Anders

Am I ready? Mentally - you bet. Physically - we'll just have to find out! After only two terms of classes twice a week I know I have a certain foundation. But not much more!


Spring term at my ballet school ended two weeks ago, and for the pre-summer term, the only classes offered are at least two levels above my present level. My instructor has said that it's fine for me to go, though, and for the first time I'm taking class with a bunch of people who can actually do pirouettes. I feel that I'm benefiting alot from the experience - mustering up the courage to try, fail and try again - and I think it's great preparation for Richmond.


One dark cloud on the horizon is that work is really beginning to pile up. I'm involved in a large transaction, soon to be signed, and the number of outstanding issues seems to increase exponentially with the passing of days. But I'm already booked on a plane to Boston on the 8th June, and plan to make my way slowly southwards via NY, losing jetlag on the way. I haven't made travel arrangements to Richmond, but am hoping to get there noon on Sunday by train, bus or plane from NY.


I'm going to pick up a new pair of tights and new technique shoes next week, and maybe a new t-shirt as well. Boy is this going to be fun!


Oh, and just a thought, in order for those who are interested in being able to get in touch before session start on Sunday, maybe we could compile an address list with e-mail and mobile numbers?


I really can't wait!



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It is always a good thing to push yourself to the next level. Taking class with people more advanced than you is a good way of doing it, provided you have the self-esteem to handle it. Sometimes you just have to see others doing thigns the "right" way or even just doing them to understand. Even watching a reall ygood guy one day do simple changement jumps made a world of difference. Watching his feet go out to the side in first, then zip back into the changement was so eye opening. Or seeing them do pirouettes properly and settle into fifth afterward is great. I recommend you take the advanced class, just don't compare yourslft to them. You'll get there eventually.


I might recommend you (and this is for everyone else out there as well) take an easy class the first day. If it's too easy, you can move up to the next level class. I may take the easier of the two intermediate classes (assuming the other one is in my range). One has to remember they have an entire week of dancing ahead of them. Best to pace yourself and not go crazy and push to hard the first day or two. By Wednesday you'll appreciate the wisdom of this. And you'll love your new best friend the ice pack:D .


As to car, well, I'd love to drive all of you around, but too many people have already asked for grocery store runs. I know I have one car load already Sunday morning and I was hoping to get some time in the hot tub in before class begins on Sunday. I'm happy to help where I can but volume may dictate some people rely on the hotel shuttle. Sorry.


As to internet access, be careful what you ask for. This may come happen. Can't say more yet about that.;)



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I've never been more ready for anything! As a 2nd summer participant, I know what to expect and have been taking classes like a maniac to get ready. Richmond is a dream come-true experience that I feel very fortunate to be a part of.


See you all in a month!

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Guest DancerLegs

Ouch - this is one of those mornings when I wonder if I'll ever be ready. Of course in Richmond I won't have to get up at 5:30, work 9 hours, make dinner, do laundry, take out the trash, and THEN go to class, but I'm still a bit apprehensive. Stamina has never been my strong point, and the classes all sound so interesting that I don't want to miss out on anything. I plan to have lots of snacks and will probably skip (or just watch) modern, but would appreciate any tips for keeping up my strength during the week. See you all there!

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Don't sweat it. We probably make it sound harder than it is. You do what you can and rest when you need to. Heck, I fell asleep in a lecture last year. Barretalk had to wake me up whne I started to snore (getting older is fun isn't it?). :)


Wednesday is usually the day of pain. You aren't used to all that activity and you just keep going from sheer adrenaline (sp?). This is the day where you go, why am I here? Then you plop an ice pack on the shins and head right back out there. By Thursday AM, you're back to 100% again and have enough steam to make that final few days. It's not as bad as it sounds, really. When you love something it's easier to deal with the side effects. Bottom line: go at your own pace. No one else cares if you sit one out. Trust me, they'll be looking at you thinking "God, is she smart or what?"


As for snacks, bring what you like. They have a refrigerator to keep stuff in. I usually do raisins because they have a lot of natural sugars and carbs. Juices and fruit are good. Don't worry about junk food. If that's what you want, indulge. You're working so hard over the course of the week you'll lose weight no matter what you eat (or how much). Important thing is to snack throghout the day. That way you keep up your energy. But make sure it's not something heavy that will sit on you stomach and weight you down in class. Eat somehting light and easy to digest fast -- yogurt, stuff like that.



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Guest DancerLegs

Thanks for the encouraging words, 2LeftFeet. I am so excited about camp I can hardly stand it. My poor husband is going to be so sick of hearing about it he will probably throw me on the plane (but that's what he gets for calling me DancerLegs, right? I have to earn my nickname!). Only 24 more days to go! :)

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You know, when we all get there we're going to have to wear name tags with our real names and our on-line names as well. :cool:

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This year's schedule seems to let each day end much more appropriately than last year, with stretching or a Kinesiology lecture as the last two activities. That should help to keep you healthy and loose (and give 2 Left feet an opportunity to demonstrate his snoring skills).


Last year we ended each day with reperatory rehearsal which meant everyone had to be high energy and "on" until the very last minute. I had to go back to my hotel room and stretch for another 45 minutes to re-loosen my aging body. As the week develops, you'll get a better sense for which classes you might choose to sit out. Believe me, nobody will be taking attendance!


Last year, my name tag made it about 15 minutes into my first class before it sweated right off, never to be attached again. Better to just keep asking folks names until you remember them! The best part was meeting folks in person who were just cyber-friends prior to Richmond.

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Wondering if I can take the pressure. I mean, having to chat with you all in real time and in, yikes, in person. :eek: Just don't know if I'm ready for that. Guess I'll take some Zoloft so I can handle it. :)


24 days and counting....

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