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Northeast/Midstates Combined Festival


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Today begins the Northest/Midstates combined festival in Pittsburgh. DD and her colleagues have been looking forward to this for months. While next year brings the National Festival in Montreal, this opportunity for a slightly larger pool of talent is a nice stepping stone to that event. I look forward to hearing more over the next several days from both DD and any of you who have news!

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My DD12 is there, too. I briefly got a text from her today stating that she just got out of ballet class and it said it was excellent. I am anxious to find out who is teaching. She is very excited for Saturday's Gala. Her school will be presenting a piece that she is part of. This is her first time going so it is a nice experience. Has anyone else heard anything?

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My text last night was "I have to tell u so much ... g2g." Talk about a cliff hanger. DD performed last night and will again tomorrow. Mary4Cami, your DD will love it. DD went for the first time at age 12, this is her 3rd year attending. Expect exhaustion on Sunday.

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DD-17 is there; I believe this is her 3rd festival. She's communicating briefly each day and appears to be having a wonderful time. Has told me the classes have been marvelous, especially one taught by Sylvie G yesterday. She says many of the performances have been truly exceptional. Her company is opening gala tonight, so they are very excited.


She is very much looking forward to Montreal next year--it'll be a great event for her senior year!

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