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After reading another post about head shots and first arabesque photos, I have to admit that I am pretty clueless regarding this. DD is already planning on auditioning for a few SI beginning of next year. How "professional" are the photos supposed to be and when should we take them? DH and I can handle the basic "point and shoot" photographing technique, but nothing really much beyond that. Would that be sufficient or would that look to amateur? If we had professional photos taken, my guess is that we would need to do it at least a month before her first SI audition. Or more? For the headshot, should she be in ballet clothes and hairstyle? Or could it be more casual (like a school picture)?

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camercad, the photos for SI auditions are primarily for identification purposes. They help the auditioner remember the student when going through all of their notes to make decisions. They definitely do not have to be professional photos! You can easily take them, although I would recommend having a teacher present to pose her correctly. You will need to check the information on every program that she will audition for, as the requirements for which poses they want will vary.


As for head shot, you can shoot that anywhere, but I do suggest that she have her hair like she wears it for class so that she will look the same as they see her in the audition.

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For additional information and discussions, takea look at several old threads in the Summer Intensive General Discussio. forum. That forum is arranged alphabetically by topic, so look under "audition photos", "photos", " summer intensive photos", or similar words and combinations of 'magic words'.


You'll find a lot of helpful information. Also, that forum also has a lot of other good information for those just starting on the SI circuit. Good stuff to help you get acclimated.

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