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DVD/Videos: Stretching dvd

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I just want to recommend this dvd as a great way to unwind, stretch, and improve your flexibility.


The dvd is from Canadian Miranda Esmonde of the Esmonde Technique and Classical Stretch program on PBS and dvd. She emphasizes strengthening while stretching to avoid bulk and get long, lean muscles (which appeals to me as a ballet student). Miranda instructs offscreen while her daughter and other athletes including two men perform the exercises. The participants cover a range of flexibility from a pretty inflexible hockey player to a dancer who can oversplit. The majority of the workout is spent on stretching and strengthening the lower body and spine.


It's 50 minutes, with a standing section that stretches the upper and lower body, a floor section (which includes a great leg lift sequence done while extending the leg and pulling out from the hip), a barre section (a chair is used), and a final, optional 10-minute splits section (so 60 minutes total). You are recommended to not try the splits section before completing the previous sections to prevent injury. The dvd is divided into sections, so if you want to choose just one or two, you can easily get to them without the need to fast-forward. You can choose between music or no music - great option if you want to play your own in the background.


I've been doing this dvd a couple of times per week and have noticed my forward splits improving little by little. At the end of the dvd, I always feel great - relaxed yet re-energized. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a stretching dvd to do when not in class.


Here is the link to the website that sells it: Essentrics

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