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I started June with a bang- 2 nights of dancing ballet and modern. Our ballet performance was to the "Diamond Commercial" song, an allegretto piece by Jenkins. It was meant to show the versatility of ballet, precision, musicality, and lyrical movement. We wore alternating black & white tutus, mine was black. I did the turning variations, lots of piques, pirouettes, and that one that I couldn't get at first that I asked for help with here, single pirouette to plie in retire into another pirouette, is now my favorite! I also did chasse pique turns ending in arabesque en diagonale. Modern was mostly character- I got to dress like a guy and ham it up for one, and like a WWII nurse for Tony Bennett's "Night & Day" rendition. I had tons of fun with it. My foot is also doing much better. I'm looking forward to a summer of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet with some hikes thrown in for good measure.

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Looking forward to my studio's annual recital production on Saturday - we are doing Alice in Wonderland. From what I've seen regarding the costumes and props, everything looks great! My adult ballet class is actually on stage for a good portion of the second half of the show (we are the Queen's courtiers) and that is always a plus! Ever since I was little, I just loved being on stage. :(

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I survived the first of my two recitals on Saturday. Better than survived, no mess-ups on my part at all. :( And the best news, Ms. D felt our giant purple dresses were too poofy and removed a layer of skirting, so that helped a good deal. Felt a little less like a purple people eater... :)


So, one down, one to go in two weeks. :)

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Mid year recital in just under 2 weeks... eeek!


I have a skirt to sew today for my costume and I also have to learn (re-learn) a pirouette en pointe left leg for the dance - thankfully there's only 1 in there. But the exciting thing is I'll be on stage again!!!! whoo hooo. First performance in at least 2 years... first pointe dance in about 4 years....

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Well after a long break I have started class again (I haven't danced since 2008). I went to a beginner class that has just started at a studio not far from where I now live and it was wonderful to dance again, even if my technique needs considerable refinement! Hopefully it will come back quickly. I am attending again this week and am really looking forward to it :)

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Because all schools in Antwerp have already started their schoolbreak, I went to Brussels for class with a friend yesterday. I had a great time, I really felt I could keep up well with the class. I had just a wonderful time and intend to keep going the next couple of weeks until my summer intensive starts.


Onlyboy, did you happen to be in class at Yantra on Wednesday night?

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Congratulations, Temptress Too :thumbsup:


And have a great recital, appleblossom!


I have smaller celebrations - we did a series of promenades in class tonight, which was noteworthy because there was nothing noteworthy about them. I.e. no wobbles, no dropping :) It went so smoothly it took a few minutes to realize, that, hey, wait, I just did that!


Still hate frappes to the back.


Rehearsals start soon for upcoming performance. Crossing my fingers that the group dynamics will be more positive this time around. Not that I left it to luck, but did as much as I could do to encourage that, and feel hopeful.

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Congratulations. Promenads without wobbling feel great, isn't it?


I want to congratulate our AD who handeled a very touchy subject in a great way and with success: We had some *errh* not so nice smelling students in class and you already could smell it in the changing rooms. Some were really disturbed by it and complaind by the teacher (because it was going on since a rather long time). She went to the AD and they discussed the subject. They did not want to point people out because they are really sweet and talented girls and they did not want to hurt anyone. So before class, the AD called everyone together, all the levels that were present by the time so that it was even more anonym than just for one class. She told us how important for gilrs/women/human being it is to be washed and clean and non smelling, that it would be important for students in class, for dancers in companies and everywhere else and therefore she wants us to arrive washed in class, with a deospray in our bags, with hygienic tissues, a towel and some soap.


Well, the next day, the bad smell was gone and everyone was happy.


I think your AD did a god job, the way she did it and what she said. I guess that would be an example for others who are confronted with the same problem.

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I didn't really feel like going to class on tues( feeling fat and uncoordinated) but forced myself to go anyway. It ended up being a really good class; I met three new beginners that will be taking the class with me and I landed a halfway decent left pirouette from fourth( never happened before) :crying:

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Well my ballet is pretty much in a basic maintenance mode - since tearing a ligament in my foot (which will not be operated on; there's no point) I've been limited in what I can do on it though am gradually increasing in strength, using other muscles to replace the lost function. However I probably will never be able to return to what I did before. So I dont do pirouettes or unsupported rises on that foot, and am very limited in jumps.


But I did have a little success in a non-ballet sort-of dance area - at a recent cabaret night I did a clowning comedy dance contortion style routine where I put myself through multiple tennis racquets to music. This was very well received (great applause; lots of good feedback) and I have been asked to do it at other places, being asked "how much do I charge"? (What? Usually, it is ME who has to pay to get people to watch me). I've started a Facebook page for the new persona, called "Professor Pantaloon" which I think is visible to everyone - it only has a basic frame-grab from a practice video on at the moment till I get something more professional done. So that is a bit of a laugh, and a change of career (from being a VERY serious scientist). At the same time, I'm dealing with lots of letters about my old-age pension which starts in a few weeks time, which is a bit of a contrast. But not working gives me time to do all this.



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I went to ballet class today! That is an accomplishment. I could not go early this week due to EXTREME HOT weather. (I work outdoors).

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Professor Pantaloon! I love it :blushing: Congrats on the great feedback. Sorry about the foot, though.



Had a wonderful class last night and pulled off several double pirouettes. Thinking 'triple' made a huge difference; if I think 'double' I can't do it. The steady promenades repeated, so maybe not a fluke :wub: It's nice to see improvement after a long stretch of no apparent progress.

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Wore my new pointe shoes tonight (so danca claudia)... I danced much better than in my other shoes and actually had the stability for a couple of pirouettes, lots of bourees and even an arabesque or two. After a terrible day at work its just what i needed. But now my insteps are sooooo sore. I've been icing them which is weird because its winter so i'm wrapped in blankets with my feet sticking out wrapped in icepacks....

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LOL... I keep posting on this thread. It's just been a really good time, ballet-wise. We had rehearsal yesterday for the new piece and it was fantastic. Those responsible for the backstage drama were asked to check the attitude at the door and decided not to participate this time around. What a difference it made, to have only positive, supportive energy in the studio. SO relieved.


The choreography is challenging. Fun, but definitely going to push our limits. I love it :grinning:

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I could teach my first class in a foreign country! It was awesome, the students loved it and one was really disappointed when she heard that I just did it that evening and not on a regular basis.

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