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Hi All! My DS was just accepted to The Hartt School and we received the list of attire requirements. Wow! Ballet classes are easy, white shirt, black tights, white socks and shoes. Got it. Contemporary, bike shorts and tank top. Done. Modern - a unitard or leotard and footless tights. Does anyone have an opinion on manufacturer of unitards? He has never worn one. He is 5"11, with a VERY long torso (he also has an impressive wingspan - long arms!). I'm concerned about buying the unitard without some feedback regarding sizing.


Any preferences? I doubt he would want to wear a leotard.... or is that fairly typical for men in college?


Thanks for your help!

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I'm actually surprised about the unitard requirement....I've not seen many men ever wearing unitards, unless it was as a costume base. :unsure: At OSU in the Dance Dept., I'm pretty sure kids wear t-shirts and sweats, at least in Modern. Is there any way he can get a tank unitard? Discount Dance sells one. That way, we wouldn't have to worry about his arms.

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I had to wear a unitard for modern class at Rudra. We wore black tank unitards. A leotard and tights for a modern class would be pretty unusual for a male dancer, although a white leotard with black tights (worn over the leo) is sometimes an option for ballet.

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Thank you, Hans!

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Ooops, a male student wandered into a Parent forum by mistake. Sorry, post had to be removed, however the topic is outdated in terms of an answer now, anyway. I would assume the dancer is already in the program at Hartt. :)

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