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End of year concert Etiquette

Bobby Pin

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Is it ballet concert etiquette to buy the teacher flowers, and who is usually responsible?

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Hi, Bobby Pin, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers.


The giving of a personal gift of flowers to the teacher is up to individuals. If the gift is a large one given by the whole company, like a presentation of two or three dozen long-stemmed roses, prima ballerina-style, then that's something that has to be worked out among the prospective donors and onstage presentation is done through the stage manager. Usually, year-end shows have so much going on that this presentation doesn't get done and it happens after curtain, but there's nothing wrong with doing it as a curtain call. If the idea appeals to you, I suggest that YOU might be the responsible coordinator. :)

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At DD's home studio, it was customary for the dancers to chip in and present the choreographer (who was their teacher) with a gift of some sort at the end of the year concert. This may or may not include flowers, gift certificate, various gift. One or two dancers usually took charge of collecting the money and buying the gift. The dancers would discuss ideas among themselves and then a decision would be made. This usually occurred as they were getting ready for rehearsals during the lead-up time period. The presentation was made privately when the dancers were all together---not onstage.


This studio had an AD that was not a primary teacher or primary choreographer, although he did choreograph on the performing ensemble. There was no special gift or presentation made to him at the concert each year.

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