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Demi plie


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I was wondering how I can make my demi plie deeper. My plie currently is really horrible. It is really important to me because I know I will never jump very high or spring up very fast to pointe without a good plie. Thank you in advance.

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The depth of the demi plié is not as important as how well you learn to USE the plié that you have. Just be sure that you put your heels down and that you do not grip your feet. Allow the plié to relax, but be sure that your body is busy going up, not down! Don't stop in the plié, rebound from it. Pretend you are a little rubber ball and the plié is the moment it hits the floor and rebounds into the air. :)


A little exercise I use a lot with my students is to do 2 or 3 "release" pliés and then jump. A "release" plié is like a pulse movement...you do not straighten out of it, just bend 2 or 3 times without straightening the knees in between. Try this: plié/release/release/changement, or, plié/release/changement/changement. Let me know if you understand what I mean.

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Ms. Leigh, just to be sure I understand what you are calling a release.

You go down on demi plie, then you bounce up, but stop before your knees are straight, you go back to a demi plie.

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Sort of. I would not call it 'bounce', though. Just bend&bend, like a little pulse in the plié. If you are jumping from that exercise, then I would slightly deepen the last release plié.


[OnlyBoy, we are just a bit more formal, or traditional here. I am addressed as Ms. Leigh, just as Mel Johnson is Mr. Johnson. :) We use our real names, whereas most of the other teachers do not.]

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I'm sorry for my mistake Ms. Leigh, it will not happen again, and thank you for the details, I think I understood the release. :)

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No problem, OnlyBoy. :) By the way, I congratulate you on how well you write in English, and I would be totally happy if you would capitalize your "I's"! :)

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Thank you so much. I do understand what you mean. That is very helpful.

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