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Our dancers will be learning 2 new ballets in January for adjudication in mid-February; one the first week and one by a local choreographer who can work throughout January.


The problem seems to be that your AD is not communicating with dancers. even with a tentative schedule. Our dancers know when choreographers are setting ballets at the beginning of the season. Barring any unforeseen problems, they (and their parents) have an idea of the times.


As for the four week time frame; it is tight but totally doable in getting ballets together for adjudication....good luck!

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Just to update....we were finally told today (12/16) that choreography for our 1st RDA piece would be set starting tomorrow afternoon, then rehearsed next week, Dec 29, 30 & 31st. Yes, that's right. New Year's Eve. The 2nd piece won't be set until the 1st week of January, but that's not confirmed yet because the choreographer hasn't gotten back to the AD. Our adjudication is January 21st.

This is after a grueling Nutcracker: 8 performances over two weekends where the Company girls had 4 parts each (one had 5), and now they have to work over their Christmas vacation, and during their finals week in January. We (the moms) have tried to hint to the AD that the girls would be happy to go and enjoy the festival and take classes without necessarily performing, but she thinks they won't want to go if they can't perform. I flat out suggested that she talk to her dancers before she goes any further.

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I'm sorry that things have worked out in this manner for you cakers. I would not be happy to learn of rehearsals during the holidays that I did not find out about until the week prior. It is not the rehearsals during the holiday itself that bothers me, but the lack of notice and assumption that I would not have made plans with my time. Most pre-pro students go straight from a show back to class so it's not that, it's simply the notice. But the dancers will rise to the occasion, they always do.

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But the dancers will rise to the occasion, they always do.


Yes, the dancers always do. The committment level of the these high school girls (most of whom are carrying 4+ GPA's) always impresses me. That's why, although I fume over some things, I always fall in line to support the dancers. Sort of like supporting our troops. I may not always agree with the war, but I support the people fighting it!


As you noted, it's the presumption that bothers me more than the fact. Although the rest of the rehearsal schedule for the next three weeks leading up to adjudication came out and it's pretty frightening. Every weeknight except Friday until 9:00 pm and all day Saturday. However, the AD took my suggestion and called a meeting with the dancers (and moms) and when some of the girls expressed their trepidation over the rehearsal schedule, and that the majority were fine with attending the festival and not performing, she was willing to negotiate by starting earlier and adding time on Sunday to try to shorten some of the late nights. It's not perfect, but hopefully it will help avoid some meltdowns.

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