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Careers: Dance Nutrition?


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I have been a teacher for quite sometime now, and it has never been enough to pay the bills.

I love to dance for myself but the cost of training is a lot for me to cover right now, and I'm considering going to school for nutrition so that I can still work in the dance feild but actually make a dependable income. I have experienced my own ups and downs of being a dancer monday through friday and not getting enough protein, ect. and would like to further investigate the subject anyway. I am thinking about doing this more just to help fund my actual dance interest, has anyone else tried this route?


And what kind of education would I need? Could I do it with an associates degree?

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I think it depends what country you live in, as to what level of education you need. You would also need to look into Boards which you may need to register with and what the minimum standards are to practice as a nutritionist/dietician.


In Australia to become a nutritionist is a 4 year degree undergraduate at most universities, and first year out of university is a supervised year, where you need to work in a registered practice and are semi-supervised. Not sure what its like overseas.


Hope that helped a little.

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In America a Registered Dietitian is a four year degree, I'm not sure what degree is required for a nutritionist.

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