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Being one of the only male dancers in the area that is physically capable of doing most pas de deux, (or at least the only one I see that isn't a member of one of the professional companies in the area) I'm fairly used to being used for lifts and whatnot. As of late, however, I've been seeing a lot more action than I'm used to in such a small time frame. Between the intensive and the load ins/outs at the theatre next door my arms are pretty much dead.


Anywho, being tired and the usual soreness I know how to deal with, the extreme soreness and cramping in my shoulders, mostly centering around the tip of the Coracoid Process (if I'm remembering my bones correctly) and the tightness in my hands (for lack of a better description, I feel like I have t-rex hands if that makes any sense at all) I am unfamiliar with and not really sure how to proceed with alleviating these issues so I don't have to worry about dropping any of my partners, I would love to keep my record at 0 hurt partners.

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I've been taking a stretch class taught by a trapeze artist who as you imagine works her arms and shoulders hard. Weve been doing lots of stretches for those areas. I wonder from what you say whether you are developing tightness from overuse, and whether stretching might help. There are too many different exercises for me to describe them, but I guess you will be able to find them on the web. Since from what you say your hands seem to be tightening, use exercises to stretch the fingers and thumbs too.



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Make an appointment with a good physical therapist. You may need to start with your family physician. Stretching those areas in the correct way can help. Secondly, pace yourself. Like anything else, your body does wear out. faster if you don't use it wisely. Good luck!

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