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Update on Stage Fright


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I just wanted to post an update because I am so proud of my son. He started a pre-ballet class one year ago when he was 3 1/2 and it took him six weeks to enter the class alone (he spent two classes watching the class while seated on my lap, two classes sitting sitting by me and imitating the movements of the class, and finally 2 classes with me in the room while standing with the class but only partially participating.) I put him in the class because at his preschool he would only watch when the class had music and dance activities even though at home he loved to dance.


One year later at 4 1/2 , he went on stage with his pre-ballet class in front of 400 people at the end of the year dance academy recital. I can't believe it is the same kid. I almost didn't sign him up for the recital because I thought he would be willing to do it. He did fine being dropped at the back stage door with a volunteer he didn't know and waiting with his class for an hour before the recital. Then he went on stage and performed the routine without a problem, then came back on stage for the curtain call and was smiling. He told me after the performance, "I love being on the big stage, it was so cool! I want to do that again." His preschool teacher wrote a note telling me how much she loves that my son is always singing and dancing at school. I am so thrilled that I just had to post.

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That's wonderful! I love hearing about the gentle way you supported your son through the process. I'm glad it was such a positive experience for you both. I'm waiting to see how my 6-year-old son does at his end-of-year concert (for us it's in December)... the onstage part is fine, it's the 'without Mum' part that he doesn't love so much!


~ Jackie

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How wonderful! We had a similar experience with my 5 yo this year... He loved every second of performing (and we weren't sure he'd even go on stage)!

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