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Adductors and Abductors


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I recently returned to the gym to gain a little more strength and to my delight, working on the adductor machine where you use your inner thigh muscle to squeeze actually seems to have helped my split! I have been using both the adductor and abductor machines with an eye to turnout strength. I can suddenly do a split to one side....or can this be my imagination.... as I just read that the adductor and abductor machines are "useless"!???

Read this article http://www.precisiontraining.com/training-...ductor-machine/

but see what they say here

"But why would we want to do these exercises? Well, if you are involved with any activity which requires your legs to move in and out, this might benefit you. However, off the top of my head, I can’t think of any real reason why people would need this exercise to strengthen those muscles versus using other, more effective leg exercises".


My legs are getting plenty firm and shapely with my 7 or so ballet classes a week lately (!!) but it's my theory that these machine MIGHT indeed be benficial for turnout muscles....would LOVE any thoughts on this from workout folks!


I would hate to think that these exercises were useless or even bad for maybe BUILDING girth on the outer or inner thigh! Heaven forbid!!!! ;)


I find the gym a bore but for shaping and strengthening arms, back, etc... I FAR prefer my ballet classes but the effect of cross training seems to benefit toning and making me stronger.

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Actually I have no problem with the article from the perspective of the typical gym trainer. Most people lifting weights at gyms are interested in body building, perhaps not serious muscle building body building, but at least changing the general shape of the body to fit some kind of ideal. Given that aim, I concur with the author’s advice, especially what is said in the fourth paragraph.


But read the third paragraph. In dance we want to move the leg in and out quickly and we want to rotate (both in and out I would say) the leg, so I would argue that from a dance perspective, exercising the adductors and abductors has a good degree of specification to what we do as dancers.


When it comes to body building, general strength development, or really trying to change one’s physique in any way, it’s all about exercising the big muscles of the body. With what I’ll call dance strength, however, the real strength requirements are about the smaller muscles of the body.


So if you are going to the gym for general conditioning, I’d certainly spend my time with leg exercises like squatting and lunging exercises. But if you like doing the adductor machine, I wouldn’t feel like it was a total waste of time either.

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Thans what I thought, Garyecht! Thanks! It makes sense to me and really seems to have helped my split anyhow..and my turnout seems a modicum improved also! So I will stick with it unless I see building up. Cheers :sweating:

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Remember that the adductors help to lift the leg - something that is useful in ballet.



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Thanks Jimpickles! I am so happy that I can get good use out of these so called useless machines! :)

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NO muscle is useless! If it was, it wouldn't be there!

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