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So I'm looking for a new shoe and came across Repetto. I looked around and saw that the last post about them was from 2007 so I thought I might see if anyone has any updates. It was mentioned in those posts that they were difficult to obtain. I recently found them on the website boysdancetoo, an American company. Since I'm in America I figured that this might make them easier to get a hold of. Has anyone ordered through them before? Are they reliable? How about Repetto as a shoe in general?


Thanks for the help!

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I've never worn Repettos, so I'm not qualified to talk about them. However, I have ordered from BoysDanceToo.


They were excellent to work with, responsive and quick. They only carry products that they like and can recommend, so that might help with your question about Repettos. Furthermore, they don't carry men's dancewear as a sideline - it's all they carry. A company like that deserves our support.

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Finally some place that doesn't classify clothing and gear as Men's/Unisex THANKS!

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I'm glad to hear that they were a good company! I was extremely excited to find them as well and definitely look forward to supporting them! I think I will give the repettos a try!

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Never had Repetto soft shoes before.. I allways stick with So Danca canvas (true fit and not like sansha one size smaller than your normal shoesize). But had a Repetto hotpant...the pant without pipes..or just a bit. But the quality was quite good.

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