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Trigger Point Therapy

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a book I could buy for self-administration of trigger point therapy. Our library has only one, and I have not found the diagrams very helpful. While it has been a wonderful introduction to the topic, I could use more pictures. The one I borrowed from the library is The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies.

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It is my understanding that that particular book is the best for what you are asking. Perhaps you could use one session with a PT to help?

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Thank you. I am thinking of a massage therapist as a starting point, as I would need a medical referral to a PT. I've also considered going to the chiro as a starting point. They helped me pinpoint the imbalance in my leg lengths and pelvis many years ago. If necessary, I know I can get a referral to the PT from an ortho, as I am probably due back for an appointment anyway. Any thoughts as to what is the best way to proceed?

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My massage therapist is the one who recommended the book to me. She is a deep tissue therapist, but also a teacher of massage therapy and highly qualified and knowledgeable.

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Thanks, Victoria. I think seeing a massage therapist would be the easiest way to start out.

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I had that book a few years ago, and I'd say that it's more designed for someone studying physical or trigger point therapy. I found it to be too technical and a little too much information for a layperson.


What helped me most was going to a physical therapist and learning a few exercises that could be done at home with a foam roller, tennis ball, or this cane-like thing for getting to areas on my back. Good luck - trigger point therapy is wonderful.

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You may be aware of needing a Dr. referral for PT in you state, but it is not necessary in states that have "direct access" to PT. Glad to hear "actionwoman" got good information from a PT for a "home exercise program!"

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