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Rates at my school going up 25%


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The rates at my studio are going up from $100 to $125 for a book of ten classes. This will hurt me really badly as I go to from 5 to 7 classes a week. I already pay far more than I can afford as I am not earning much right now.

I asked them if maybe they can give a special deal to those of us who go to so many classes but would welcome suggestions:)

I am currrently paying over $400 a month for classes but with this huge 25% increase will pay over $500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't quit for sure...I love it too much and I don't want to reduce too much either :whistling:

I don't want to have to change schools!


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Wow that is really steep :l. So sorry to hear about your situation.


Perhaps you can work for the school such as receptionist or relief teacher?


At my school, IF I have to pay for my fees, it would add up around to $450 but I teach and stay back after my class to help out with the little ones.

At my other school, one book of 8 lessons is $230 but if we take up an additional class, there will be a 50% off the next class! So maybe you can suggest to that your AD :whistling:


Good Luck!

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:whistling: Does your school have some sorts of work study program? Mine does, and lots of older kids and adult work for them in exchange for classes. And my school always have a large demand for labor since it is attached with a professional company, and thus a lot of mailing/phone calls/costumes/parents to be handled...

Good luck!

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Thanks so much guys! I actually emailed the lady who runs the studio and she said that they want to reward folks like me who take so many classes and they are extending the 10 classes for $100 if you buy three sets of 10 at a time. It IS steep for my situation still but definitely better than it was. They are a wonderful top quality studio so I am pleased that I can keep going for the moment. It is not such a bad idea to offer some kind of barter system though....super idea :whistling: Thanks!

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I do not know how long each of your classes are, but even at $125.00 for 10 classes, that is only $12.50/class. Professional level adult classes in my area run about $17.00/90 minute class. Where I teach students, a 90 minute class runs $15.00/class.


Glad that you contacted the school director. Especially in the US with the given economic situation, I think most school directors would be happy to make concessions in an effort to 1)get good word of mouth out about the school and 2)keep customers as that is income they may otherwise not have.

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OH I know we get a deal....but I am SOOO broke and all my money goes to my 7 classes a week, so I think if you only took two, it wouldn't seem so pricey. Yes, our classes are 90 minutes too..which is great. It is nice that they are taking care of the most dedicated of us:) The school is excellent and I bring friends to it too....and talk it up at every turn! They are the reason for my sanity right now as I moved to a new area and was very lonely at first. I made great new friends and ave a new passion!

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Unless you are in the midwest or the deep south then it is still cheap. Classes around here are $14-15 each (90 minutes). In addition to those suggestions, can you try next year getting into some local performances at the dance schools in the area? Sometimes they need extras and adults and maybe you could get some free classes by doing that. Also, can you get pick up another job??

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I would LOVE to be involved in performances for sure! Will look into that! I am not in a position to go and take on casual work as I have to be available for work in the film industry which pays well when it comes...but it is sporadic.....otherwise I am an artist and try to get commissions like dog paintings, portraiture, any type of art work. I love the barter system..would be great if I could somehow barter my art work for classes! Not sure how to though.

My hair stylist used to do my hair for a commissioned painting every year...that was super!

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Could you paint backdrops for theatrical or ballet productions? Even if the pay were not that great, as you said that you had recently relocated, it may help you make connections.

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Sorry that it's going up so much! I feel your pain. My 75 minute class is $18 and we can buy a card 10 classes for $150. I take two only classes a week, but my daughter dances 6 days a week and her classes take precidence. Hope you can work something out with the director.

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Can you paint people? What if you asked the studio if you could advertise ballet portraits? You could make some extra money painting ballerinas. It would be a win win for everyone.

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OOH! I could get the parents to paint their little darlings!!! SUPER idea! Thanks everyone! :)

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