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Can you dye a georgette skirt?

Je Suis Aimee

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I'm hoping some of you may have knowledge about fabrics and DIY types of things like this. I am looking for a short gray wrap skirt, but they don't seem to exist. Then it just occurred to me, as a last resort, perhaps I can take a white one and dye it. But will georgette dye effectively, or will it come out all streaky and awful?

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Only if you can find one that's made of natural fibers. Most are polyester, which doesn't dye well.


Have you thought about making one, or having one made? It's probably easier to find fabric in the color you want, and wrap skirts are quick and simple if you have a serger. A local seamstress could probably do it for you quite affordably.

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Hmmm, that's what I sort of suspected.


I guess I could have one made, if nothing else. I'm kind of surprised though - gray is such a neutral color, I wonder why there are no skirts in that color? The closest I came was one by Body Wrappers, but it was opaque. It wasn't wrap style either.

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Nylon dyes very well, too - you just have to use "acid dyes". Jaquard makes some, available in art stores, and the grey is economical. I have dyed my M. Stevens dance shirts (nylon/spandex) and they came out very well. (I misunderstood the red, I got something between salmon and a traffic cone, but the grey is quite nice.)

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Backbay Dancewear has M Stevens chiffon skirts in 3 lengths in Grey.

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