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Hello everyone! I really am grateful I came across these forums; the information I've gathered so far will really help me out in my beginning journey of dance.


So I'm a late starter, just began ballet a few weeks ago, and I'm 15. My studio has two divisions: a recreational program for ballet (once a week) and a trainee division (program for more serious dancers, more than two times a week).


I'm in the Summer recreational program right now, learning basics... And I'd like to become a better and serious dancer. I don't want to go professional nor make it a goal to have a career in dance, but I really want to dedicate myself to the art of dance and improve.


So I guess my question is, how much more intensive would a trainee division be over a recreational? And does my wish sound reasonable?

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Welcome Katsumi to Ballet Talk for Dancers! Please enjoy reading through our various forums to help familiarize yourself with our wonderful website.


It is always fantastic to learn something new and have goals to improve to be the best you can be however, there maybe a vast difference between a recreational program and a training program. It would be best to speak with your teacher regarding the difference between the two in your school. Often things are different from school to school. Enjoy!

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Hi, Kasumi, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :wink:


Even though you have no career ambitions, there's no reason not to accomplish as much as you can learn in ballet. There are many serious recreational students out there, and the only criterion for what constitutes recreation is, "Are we having fun yet?" Go ahead and pursue your studies to the point that satisfies you. As you are starting a bit late, it's a safe course of action to start with a light classload, then increase that as you gain strength, flexibility and technique to the point which gives you enjoyment. Have a great time! :thumbsup:

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