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I went to Costa Rica during my studios ballet intensive, which lasted two weeks for my level and three weeks for the more advanced levels. I feel like I really missed a lot of learning.

For the younger kids, which was my level, it was three hours a day (which was 30 hours total.) People got to dance with teachers who during the school year only ever teach the advanced dancers. I really feel like I missed out.

I'm going to frenchwoods festival of the arts for three weeks, and my summer schedule is:

2 hour long ballets (1 approximately my level, a little below, and the other quite a bit above my level)

3 jazz classes (1 considerably above my level but recommended to me, one below my level,a nd one my level)

1 tap class

1 hiphop class

1 contemporary class.

Do you think I will be able to catch up to the other dancers who did ballet intensive?

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Booklover, there is no way to answer that, as it really all comes down to the quality of teaching. Personally, I do not feel that one hour ballet classes are sufficient, and taking two of them does not make up for what is missed by not having that other half hour that should be there. I know you are at least 13 or older, so you need to be in hour and a half technique classes 5 or 6 days a week, followed by pointe classes at least 3 days a week. Do you have this schedule in the fall in your home school?

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I've only been dancing for two years and am nowhere near pointe level.

My studio has ballet teachers who teach at schools like San Jose ballet and who perform with them, but only 1 hour classes (with pointe for half an hour later for advanced dancers). It's not ideal for ballet, but for jazz/contemporary, which really are my passion, it is perfect, and for me right now, in ballet it works. The all ballet studio that I could take classes at a) has classes that overlap with my current classes, and :D doesn't seem very professional. A few of my best friends go there, and at their show I saw the dancers who will be going on pointe next year or take pointe already struggle to do a soutenu on flat. I am nowhere near pointe level but can do all of the pointe requirements at their studio, and my friends have complained some people get onto pointe before they are good enough to (by the studio's regulations).

In the fall, I will probably take 3 hour long classes, and if I can advance enough, add a fourth (the next class I can take would be too advanced for my level as it is).

Do you think I should try to maybe add a class at the all ballet studio?

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No, I think it is probably best to stay with one studio right now, especially since you have been studying such a short time. I did not realize that you are basically a student who is new to ballet.

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Okay, thanks for the advice. Hopefully by the time I get advanced, my studio will have expanded enough to have a more serious ballet program.

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