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July Jamboree

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Took two classes back-to-back today. Funny to look back at when doing just the barre for one of these classes left me thrashed and hobbling for a week. It's been a horrible week outside dance and I really needed to wear myself out physically and I am grateful to have an outlet in the studio now.


Also got complimented on having a nice line in attitude, which is something I never ever expected to hear in this lifetime (and, frankly, am still skeptical).

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Today was the first day of my 7 weeks of of dance intensives. I had a blast! I took 2 ballet classes this morning and a jazz class this afternoon. I can't wait for the rest of this summer.

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I have done my third day of my intensive. I had signed up for one regular ballet class and one on pointe, but my pointe shoes didn't work out so now I just take 2 regular classes back to back. From the same teacher, but that's nothing, he's really nice. :thumbsup:


Only he calls passé what I call retiré and the other way around :wacko: And also he calls something my teacher calls fouetté 'tire-bouchon'. In my world that's a kind of turn :wacko:

Not that that's a real problem :)

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I had an okay class yesterday... it was great in the sense of how many corrections etc I got but not so great in the sense that there was the need to have so many corrections if you know what I mean; but then I went home and after dinner etc I decided to put on one of my Finis videos that covers some similar things to what I did in class yesterday and am I glad that I did. I suddenly realised all sorts of things, things that I have been told by my teacher literally hundreds of times but I just never got it, suddenly it all just fell into place :grinning: so I am happy happy happy. I quickly wrote all my "discoveries" down least I forget and the exercises that brought about the great realisations. :innocent:

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After weeks of trying to get to my class - I've been working away from home and there was no local classes - I finally managed to make it. It felt like first class back, since its been weeks since I last attended, but that didn't matter I had a brilliant time and worked hard (I think I found muscle groups I didn't know I had). I'm aching this morning but did some gentle stretches and its easied off a bit. I had fun and did some centre work, we did first half hour at the barre and second in the centre :grinning:


On a side point, my feet and calves kept cramping when I rose onto demi pointe, not sure this is normal!!

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I finally got a solo in a performance. It is really short but I could do a part of the choreography myself and my teacher liked it (you know, the one I have a really god relationship with :thumbsup: ). She said it was really good.

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I am improving again! Someone who hadn't seen me in a couple of months noted that my "technique is much stronger" and another told me that my "feet look great". It is nice to get some positive reinforcement:) I am really trying to improve for myself and not watch others so much, except to learn, not to compare myself in any way. That helps, I think.

My pointe work is clicking more....trying to use the thighs to lift up rather than the feet and ankles only....it helps, though it's hard.

I am looking my best ever! With a little weight training thrown in about 3 to 4 times a week, continued hiking 6 days a week and 6 to 7 ballet classes a week, including pointe, I have better definition, tone and LEGS (;)) than I did in my 20's!

ballet keeps one young and fresh :thumbsup:

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Not too long ago I had vowed to give 300% in class and show one of my teachers, who tends to give me fewer corrections and attention than the other, how serious I am - and it's working. :unsure:


Also, I checked out my left penchee (the better one) in the mirror yesterday and it's gotten so high! If I could only get my back higher up, it would look really impressive! For some reason, it is one of my dreams to have a really killer arabesque and penchee... :shrug: They just look so beautiful...

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BllFille, that is great! I lost weight and got in better shape in college than I was in high school so I know the feeling (got to dance a lot in undergraduate college, a lot more than I had opportunity to do in high school).


Je Suis Amee, I dream of a great penchee too! I used to have my left one, too, but had to hold my leg up with my arm...have gotten less flexible as full time work interfered but hope to get it back one day.


My July Jamboree is that I have found a studio that has enough classes that I can usually attend at least once per week because it fits in my schedule!! woo hoo! Still quite out of shape; have been taking classes for my masters & working, but now am no longer working so my schedule is a bit more free. :unsure: And at my last class did a few decent double pirouettes which are always a struggle for me!! I get so many more aches & pains when I am not in ballet regularly (just wasn't possible between work & school this spring---insane schedule) so I have a new resolution to take at least one class per week at least no matter what!!

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I asked for some tips to get a killer arabesque as well. He told me you need the splits (to the front) for a nice arabesque and asked to show mine. I do not sit in any split, and somehow I slid deeper than I usually do, I felt that it didn't feel good and it's sore (since the day after, 2 days now).

BUT he told me that if I do my splits every morning and evening, I should sit in them within a month or two. I kind of see it as a challenge. :thumbsup:

(only now I'm going to wait 'till that side is not sore anymore)


And also we learned 2 new steps today, and that was a long time ago! I do not know the name of the first one (the ballerina in

does it several times in the beginning), you do a kind of grand battement with the first leg, jump and developpé the other leg through. Now I'm curious for its name actually :lol: I asked the name of the second one, it was coupé jeté en tournant. It was difficult :P
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I love taking 2 classes a day, I feel like I've already achieved something in just 4 days! The teacher explained this thing about moving in a circle and trying to use the full circle and that really improved my line. I even got complimented on my port de bras.


Doing so many classes has really shown me what my strengths and weaknesses are. My port de bras and épaulement are pretty good and I've found out that I know a lot of steps. Even in the advanced classes I haven't met a step yet that I didn't know. On the other side, I do find I seriously lack strength, especially core strength and my turn out muscles. So I know what to work on!


I did rather clean double pirouettes today! The level of difficulty increased a lot today, batterie was added to all the jumps. There are a boy and girl in class who study at the POB school and they are incredible. It's great to have people to look up to, I think it helps me improve.

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Finally feel like I am improving. I am taking more classes then usual yet am pleased.


Marjolin, congrats on your double. That is so awesome.

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I just my schedule of the ballet intensive I'm doing in August: ballet, pointe, pas de deux and character class for 5 days. I'm so excited. I will have to make a character skirt, I don't have one. Can anyone tell me what the basic pattern for a character skirt is, is it a circle skirt? Do they have a zipper or an elastic waistband?

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I finally got my enrollment issues for Adult Dance Camp sorted out and the good news is I will be at the Aug 14 Richmond camp. YAY. The bad news is I haven't danced in weeks due to work and holidays so I'm freaking out a lot that I will be the most unfit dancer there. :)


In other good news I start a new adult ballet class this week and also my amazon order of the entire collection of Satin Slippers books just arrived. :)

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Went to that new Adult Ballet Class last night ... it was AWESOME!


There's only 4 of us in the class, 2 are ex pro and the other girl is an adult beginner so the teacher ran it as an open class with additions to combinations for the more experienced. I didn't feel overwhelmed, even though my balance was waaaaay off at the barre. I did manage a couple of clean doubles en dehors, and a double pose pirouette. Which was nice.


I'm working next week but I can't wait till the week after.

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