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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Joffrey Dancers face lock out


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Uh......scratching my head........and after watching this I am really glad I have things like ballet to enrich MY life, lol!


Funny that this, as well as the Trib piece with the U of Chicago economist, so clearly demonstrate how little most people know about ballet, and it contrasts with how large it looms in our small cyber-community.

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That link took me to a piece on Taylor Momsen (whose father ought to be held accountable for her actions!)- not anything about ballet......Did I miss something?

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Clara, make sure you click on TMZ TV if you are not already there. I found it under "TMZ On TV Videos", and it's called "Ballet Lockout"

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Got it! Thanks!

Well it must have been a slow "entertainment" news day..... I mean, wasn't Charlie Sheen up to something- somewhere???? :)

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