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tips for Jete Croisse En Avant from two feet


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Hi everyone!

I have my Grade 3, B.A.T.D ballet exam next weekend.


But, despite a private lesson and practicing I am still finding Jete Croisse En Avant from two feet hard work :grinning:


Does anyone have any advice please?


In particular, I am finding it hard maintaining a fifth position throughout the exercise. Especially when doing the Petite Assemble :innocent:



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We're not familiar with the BATD system. Can you detail the steps of the combination?

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Here's what it says from the syllabus book I have:

"Commence feet in 5th position, right foot devant, facing en face, arms bras bas, on intro, arms "breathe"


1 Jete Croise in Croise direction, taking arms to demi-bras (count 1)

1 petit assemble derriere facing en face, bringing arms to bras bas (count &2)


repeat on opposite side in Croise direction (counts 3&4)

repeat to end of music (8 times in all)




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OK, then that's a lot like Cecchetti nomenclature. In order to do this correctly, the legs have to stay rotated in their hip sockets throughout, even (especially!) when moving. That way you have no problem in closing to fifth. The legs are already turned out.

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I'm not exactly sure what they consider to be a jete croise, but in order to get into a good fifth after a petit assemble you need to bring your legs tightly together in the air, with both feet pointing down to the floor, before landing in the plie.

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And, since it is a jeté, it is really not a jump from two feet. Even though you start in 5th, there is a brush to a jeté. If the jump were actually pushing off from two feet it would be a sissonne!

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