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daughter offered a place in pre-pro program- now what?


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My daughter, age 13, was offered a place in the pre-pro program at her ballet studio. Of course we are thrilled....but, there is no way our family can afford to pay the full tuition. Would it be disrespectful to ask for a scholarship? If so, how would I go about asking? The studio owner has a pretty good reputation in the ballet world, and has had several students go on to professional careers, so I would not want to burn any bridges or offend her in any way.

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There is nothing at all disrespectful about being honest about one's financial condition. Set a meeting with the director, say, "thank you so much for the pre-pro offer, it means so much to DD and us, her parents, that her hard work and potential are recognized. We would love to be able to take you up on that, but financially, we cannot afford the additional expense." Come prepared with a hard number more you can pay, if you can afford any additional costs. Also come prepared with some alternatives, sewing costumes, working at the front desk, DD helping out in preschool classes, if those would be part of any tuition waiver. If it's cash or nothing, then you can say thanks, please consider her again next year when our finances/the economy/your scholarship funds may be better.

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Very nice reply dance1. And I wholeheartedly agree. All they can say is no, but you will not know until you've held that discussion.

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